This trucker is going to see, make that did see the fireworks this year!

I have my road gear ready to go just in case.

I have my road gear ready to go just in case.

UPDATE: (7-5-15) I did see the show and it was spectacular. I feel both proud and fortunate to be a citizen of the United States of America.



Maybe I’ll get to see those fireworks this year after all. I happen to be off the road recovering from some oral surgery — which is coming along nicely.

You see I have one of the best if not the best views in town from my apartment balcony. It’s real close to where they set the fireworks off each Fourth of July and it’s in line with the launch point too. They come right at me it seems.

But I think this makes the sixth show since I’ve lived here and I only recall seeing one, at least one clear through.

I’m an over-the-road truck driver and often am out on the road on this night each year. Last year I had off and was getting ready to watch the show — well it was still a couple of hours or so away — when my cell rang. Actually I think I was in the laundry room. I made the mistake of answering without even looking at the number (don’t ever do that). It was the dispatcher and they had an unexpected change to make on a run and that change was me having to work. At first I begged off but I got a guilty conscience and called back. Yeah I did. I did not have to leave until later that night or actually the wee hours of the morning (but morning is night that early).

I have a hard time what I call pre-sleeping. I mean I try to go to bed at maybe 9 or 10 as much as I can and sleep during the nighttime hours. But I knew I needed a nap because I had to leave in the middle of the night. But I could not sleep so I started to watch the fireworks. However, half way through I did become tired and went to bed. The boom boom boom actually lulled me to sleep… and then the alarm went off.

One year I got wise and put in a time-off request well in advance for the Fourth. On the third I was on my way back to the home terminal when I chanced to talk to one of my fellow drivers. He was complaining that some guys just drop trailers at our yard and leave them for some other guy to take them the rest of the way, simply asking for time off at the last minute. Yeah I hate that too I agreed. Turns out when I got to our home base he told the dispatcher he needed off. Guess who got to take his trailer the rest of the way?  Yeah, me!

That man has gone off to the big truck stop in the sky. Bless his soul.

Another year I could not make it home in time but as I descended a hill about two hours out, the town I was near was putting on their show and I had a good view.

But I am home today and I am not going to answer the phone.

Happy Fourth of July to all and happy birthday America!


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