Iran to the West: ‘Catch us if you can suckers’

Just reading over stories about the Iran nuke agreement and on first  glance it all seems rather absurd and confusing.

So far what I am reading is that Iran is allowed to produce nuclear weapons eventually (and eventually may mean within about ten years.) Does that make sense? What is the purpose in the deal? Just to delay the inevitable?

And it is all a cat and mouse game to see if Iran abides by the agreement with a nation about the size of Texas and with underground facilities where it has and may continue to create what is necessary for nuclear weapons.

It may indeed be impossible to stop Iran from producing nuclear weapons save a full takeover of that nation but one wonders what is up with an agreement that allows the country to within a decade or so produce the weapons anyway. So it is ok for them to do so later but not now?

And is this some kind of modern Munich?

The Western powers seem desperate and weak.

Personally I would favor doing away with the trade sanctions with Iran but keeping a watchful eye (surveillance) on that nation and a continuance on the insistence that it or any other belligerent nation not be allowed to produce nuclear weapons.

I imagine the thought by President Obama is that if we had better relations with Iran it might not see any need to produce nuclear weapons and that this agreement buys some time for relations between Iran and the West to improve.

But it all seems a dangerous waste of time.

Inherent in the agreement is the admission that it is all about “catch us if you can”.

A silly and dangerous game.

Hope I am wrong about that.

But it does seem like the ayatollahs of Iran are playing Hitler and the West is playing the part of Chamberlain back in the 1930s.


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