So Bill Cosby really is just a dirty old man…

UPDATE: (7-18-15) The New York Times has now published a story about what Bill Cosby is on record as saying in a deposition. It is confusing as to whether that deposition was ever really confidential or whether it took a court order to release it — the story indicates that it was already available through a court reporting service. But the important thing is that apparently in the deposition Cosby essentially admits that he is a dirty old man. You can read the story for yourself in the Times and elsewhere I am sure. I will probably just delete this post soon. I mean if you have a daughter or a sister or even a mother (everyone does have a mother of course) this whole story just makes one feel dirty. I have a hard time even thinking of the man — and I did think of him as somewhat entertaining at one time, and even a good spokesman for decent behavior. How wrong one can be…



Back when the rape or sexual molesting of women allegations against Bill Cosby resurfaced (I had not known of them previously), I suggested that Cosby was doing himself a disfavor by keeping mum. I was wrong. He probably should have kept his mouth shut.

The statute of limitations has apparently run out on most or all of the allegations as far as criminal charges, so he is safe there, but civil court is a different animal. He could still be sued.

Proving their cases might be rough for the alleged victims but thanks to Cosby publically bad mouthing his accusers, some of them have brought suit against him for defamation of character.

And I did not understand whether it was because of their efforts or in any way through those efforts, but AP (a wire news service) got a judge to order sealed documents unsealed in a secret settlement Cosby reached with one accuser.

And he sure has a lot of accusers. It seems to have become quite fashionable to be one of his victims — and okay, I guess that is an insensitive comment from a man (me), but gee, this guy must have been a terror!

So I guess Cosby would have done well to keep his trap shut (and his pants zipped up).

Reportedly the judge considered the fact that Cosby, such a well-known public figure, is noted for moralizing, calling for black people to clean up their acts, that is the ones he feels are not living the respectable life. I know he tells young men to pull up their pants and keep them from dropping below their waists when they walk around (white guys do this too — gawd that has to be uncomfortable).

Accusations are just that, not necessarily true, but the evidence has mounted so high, and in the deposition Cosby admits to the modus operandi of drugging women for sex (that is at least the intention). Couldn’t he have just used that Cliff Huxtable type sweet talk and maybe some candy and flowers?

And when you have the president of the United States, a fellow brother, calling what you (Cosby) did rape, your reputation is gone (what there was left of it) I would think.

Celebrities make their living from the attention of the public. That attention works both ways for them — it’s not working for Mr. Cosby as well as it has in the past.

Oh, in case you did not hear, and I only read it, President Obama referred to Cosby or the kind of thing he is accused of doing as rape and intolerable in an answer to an off-the-subject question during a news conference on the Iran nuke deal. Obama reportedly did no say Cosby’s name but did not have to since the questioner did.


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