Trump certainly is no hero himself, he is more like a chicken hawk coward…

Donald Trump is using radio shock jock tactics to get attention in order to feed his ego and maybe promote his brand as some kind of entertainer. He cannot be serious about wanting to be president and he should not be taken as such. And I know that if you make a lot of money people automatically assume you must be smart. I don’t know how smart he is but I think he may have some mental problem or maybe he is just your common every-day egomaniac.

First it was his outrageous attack on immigrants from south of the border (and yes he was talking of undocumented ones), calling them murderers and rapists. I mean just like in any cross section of any society there are the bad ones. But I have worked with many (especially when I was young and working in agricultural fields) and found them to be hard-working good people. A lot better than some of our own home-grown ones.

Now Trump has stated that Sen. John McCain, who spent years in a North Vietnam prison, and who even refused early release to deprive the enemy of a propaganda coup, and who flew bombing missions in service to his country in time of war, is not a hero, and went on to disparage McCain, saying that he (Trump) prefers ones who did not get captured.

Now, for argument’s sake, I would agree that simply being captured by the enemy does not necessarily make you a hero, and in fact if you go along with your captors and help them in propaganda then you are not hero (although we might forgive someone considering the circumstances they were in). But that is not the case with McCain. From all accounts he suffered greatly and resisted his captors. One could debate whether he should be classified as a hero, maybe, but that designation is subjective anyway — and yes, it is overused. I tend to see the old guy as heroic, even if I don’t always agree with him.

On the other hand, Trump, like so many other foe patriots wiggled his way out of serving in Vietnam because of some injury to his foot but he cannot recall which foot. If it was so bad, how come he cannot remember?

With his latest blast Trump has gone beyond the bizarre or entertaining, he is now a certifiable demagogue and scoundrel, not because he chose to make untrue and unflattering remarks against McCain specifically, but because he would engage in such reckless uncivilized behavior. I have a feeling that after all Mr. McCain went through he can brush off not being liked by the likes of Trump.

Trump talks tough, but like so many chicken hawks he is a coward. I know by writing that I have almost lowered myself to his standard — but I am not name calling, just calling it as I see it.


My original post on Trump follows:

Just read an article in Politico and it seems the political experts are stumped on Trump. They cannot quite figure out what the appeal of the super rich big mouth Donald Trump is.

He just jumped into the race, berated Mexicans (and others) who jump the border, and is now polling 17 percent.

I think I read that Trump claims he is representing a new “silent majority” (shades of Nixon), even though, as the article noted, 17 percent is not a majority, but the man does show some support out there and he is confounding the expert observers so far.

My guess is that he may be attracting people bored with the same old same old, some white bigots, some mostly white people who may feel put upon by the pressures of the multicultural society, and maybe quite a few people who don’t actually vote anyhow.

So far, the Trump campaign is just a bunch of hype, kind of like a pitch to get on the ground floor of some seemingly fabulous, but questionable, investment.

Part of the supposed Trump appeal as brought out in the Politico article is that his supporters are buying the line that because he is so rich he is not beholding to any special interests — he does not need their money.

Where have I heard that one before?

Oh. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie star/producer who served as Gov. of California. But I am pretty sure his record showed that he raised a lot of money from folks with favors they wanted. And people who are super rich live so insolated from the rest of the world it is darn near impossible for them to even perceive the plight of the other 99 percent.

Mitt Romney was definitely a successful businessman but he seemed to find his business acumen and business-like approach to public issues a liability in his presidential bids.

(And by the way, just what is the nature of Trump’s wealth? Seems like he has a long record of flim-flammery and using other people’s money and bankruptcy.)

And anyway, so if a candidate is beholding to no one, only to himself, does that mean he might just do what he wants and to heck with everyone else? He might not even care what the people who voted for him think. He just bought the job.

So actually donations can serve as a measure of support and legitimacy for a candidate for political office in a democratic society.

So far all I have heard from Trump is a lot of noise, not any concrete proposals, really not even a clue.

And when I read that some of his supporters claim that they would like to see a businessman in office rather than a politician, I just think something like wait till he cuts off their Social Security:

“You see Mr. Jones, as a businessman I’ve been studying the books, and we just can’t afford to keep you around anymore. You’re too much of a liability. You’re fired.”

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