ISIS could win, the West must decide if defeating it is worth it…

Mussolini was of course the dictator who ran Italy’s fascist government in World War II. There was no democracy but he made the trains run on time they say. And of course things were efficient, as one would expect of Germans, and unemployment was virtually eliminated under the tyranny of Adolf Hitler.

In that same vein now some political thinkers have observed that as bad as ISIS (the Islamic State) is, in the areas it governs, populations feel somewhat secure, as long as they don’t cross the ISIS officials or members. There is said to be little to no official corruption.

The conclusion of these expert observers is that ISIS, despite its use of terror on both the people it governs and those who oppose it, could become an actual functioning state.

They say that it appears the West cannot defeat ISIS with half measures, that only a full-scale military effort could defeat it.

I could believe that.

So I would suggest that we think this one through. Is it all worth it? If so, do the full-scale military effort. Declare war and go for total victory. If not, let’s just pull up stakes and let the Middle East take care of the Middle East.

A tough decision. We do not have a lot of people available to make these kinds of decisions.

If ever we were in need of leadership it is now.

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