Is trump a secret operative for Hillary? Is he a modern-day McCarthy?

I had written that I was going to knock off writing about Donald Trump for a bit at least, but I am short of time for really serious stuff so why not say some more things?

(And it would become serious if by some fluke too many people took him seriously.)

I had been thinking that he kind of reminded me a bit of Joe McCarthy and now I read in the Daily Beast that one of his mentors was a lawyer who served McCarthy.

Trump makes wild accusations with little to nothing to back them up but he appeals to the gut instinct of many disgruntled citizens.

McCarthy called people he did not like or who crossed him or who he simply wanted to use in some way communists.

Trump just calls them stupid or cowards.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a presidential candidate, made the mistake of calling Trump a “Jack Ass” , I think in connection with Trump having questioned Sen. John McCain’s military hero status. For that, Trump in turn belittled Graham and told a story of how Graham supposedly asked Trump to put in a good word of him with Fox News. And then Trump pulled quite a stunt. He gave out Graham’s private (or previously private) cell phone number. Graham reportedly tweeted that he guessed he was going to have to get a new number.

(Calling Trump a Jack Ass is what brought on the attack from the Donald, but there might be something else working: Donald is seen as a lady’s man while little Lindsey with no woman whom I have heard of (don’t know really) seems kind of special with his slightly high-pitched Southern twang. He’s a military reserve warrior working his way up the officer ranks as a lawyer — but he likes to talk tough, talk war. )

Trump of course is nothing more than a bully. Yes, he speaks his mind (that is whatever is going on up there at the moment) and that might seem admirable in a world of political correctness and of politicians who just say what their own pollsters tell them will fly at the very moment he is speaking.

On the other hand, there is no evidence whatsoever he has any skill in governing or statecraft. He probably would be good at provocation. Is that what we need or want?

Trump reminds me somewhat of Ross Perot. Both of the them are or were novelty candidates. Perot just got sillier and sillier as things progressed until he finally got so many people excited in his last campaign and then exited with some bizarre story that there had been threats against his daughter’s wedding unless he stepped down. He did. Would a president of the United States be susceptible to blackmail such as that?

As I recall Perot served as a spoiler in his first run for president and the result was Bill Clinton won.

It appears that this time around the only ones to suffer from a Trump bid are the Republicans. I cannot imagine that anyone who might even consider voting for Hillary Clinton (the Democrat) would vote for Trump. He can only steal votes from Republicans. Gee, is Trump really a secret operative for Hillary?

Trump has threatened to run on a third-party ticket if the Republicans don’t treat him fairly.

The reactionary right and crazy right-wing radio and the tea party are all part of the atmosphere that has created the environment where Trump can flourish. And it does not help that sometimes in his wild pronouncements there is at least an element of truth.

On the up side he has interjected some excitement into the presidential race.

You have to be brave or foolish to stand up to Trump or a little of both. Probably safer for politicians to ignore him as much as possible. On the other hand, someone who could stand up to him would make a good impression on responsible voters.

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