Huckabee ties his Christianity to gun ownership…

What is the connection between being a Christian and owning guns? Did Jesus own a gun? Would have Jesus owned a gun if they had such things in his day? Doesn’t Christianity teach peace and turning the other cheek? Of course we do bless soldiers going into battle — to fight for God and country. Okay I never did get the concept of turning the other cheek. Maybe only Jesus does (or did) that and the rest of us are expected to fight for him.

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, an evangelical Christian preacher and former governor of Arkansas and radio talk show and TV show host and right-wing commentator, was the only Republican candidate to accept an invitation from the AF of L CIO union to meet with them. Why would he go into what is normally thought of as Democratic Party country?

Turns out there is a sizable percentage of union members who lean Republican Huckabee claimed, and I don’t have any statistics on that myself but I believe that is likely true. Remember in the days of Vietnam and Nixon? many union members protested the war protestors, who at that point had the backing of much of the Democratic Party, who had turned against the war. And I have known some union types in my life who certainly would not vote for Democrats, who they think do not represent hard-working types, just welfare types.

But back to that connection between Christians and guns.

Huckabee told an interviewer on TV that he went in search of votes to a union because many of those people are “church goers and gun owners”.

So I guess if you are for any form of gun control then your belief in the Christian God is probably suspect. Or maybe he did not mean that gun ownership and Christianity have to be tied together but he is looking for those who do tie them together.

I doubt I would ever vote for Huckabee but my main concern with him is that I doubt he really believes in the Second Amendment protection of freedom of religion. I think he probably interprets it as freedom to worship in the Christian way and that is it. Or actually, I think he may even lean toward government favoring and promoting Christianity.

While I understand the concern of Christians that Supreme Court decisions tend to undermine some of their beliefs I also am wary of any politician who ties his or her actions to a brand of religion. The Second Amendment is supposed to allow one to believe in any way her or she chooses with government neither hindering nor helping that.

But Huckabee will keep up the fight to make this (or reclaim it as?) a Christian nation: praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

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