Bummed that Carly did not make the cut; still Hillary vs. Jeb I would think…

Gee, so Carly Fiorina didn’t make the cut for the vaunted Fox News debate of Republican presidential candidates (or whatever it is). Well I guess she gets to sit at the kids table performance to be aired earlier in the evening on Thursday (and I just read a headline that said she could be the break-out star there).

I missed the live performance of what some have referred to as the “cattle call” in New Hampshire, but I did catch a little bit on a C-Span video on the computer. The only candidate I appreciated was Carly. She presents herself well and I think it would be neat to see her up against Hillary. Hillary’s political resume is much better (Carly having none but one lost election) but I think Carly puts on a better presentation and just exudes something more human or genuine human than Hillary (I’ll be honest here: Hillary’s pant suits are a turn off).

And with all her experience, please remind me what Hillary’s main accomplishments have been. Even so I may be forced to vote for her. I mean vote for Donald Trump? I don’t think so. Vote for Jeb — enough of the Bush family I say. What makes them so influential? Also Jeb seems too boring.

Back to Carly. Maybe I have a crush on her. She seems so intelligent and wise and yet I probably don’t like her politics.

I don’t care for Hillary at all. And yet I may have to vote for her, assuming she is nominated, and how could one assume anything else at this point?

And to watch that gaggle of GOP candidates who are so heavy on criticism but so short on ideas and who belong to a party who has held a majority for some time now and can’t seem to get anything done and who criticize the president for both conducting war and not conducting enough war and who deny the science of climate change or if they do allow there could be something to it they at the same time say it is impossible to do anything because one cannot ever hurt the bottom line of business ever and so on — well the only plausible candidate is boring Jeb, who seems to follow the tried and true Bush pattern of riding the political fence — leaning conservative for sure but staying mainstream enough to get elected and to appeal to the big money which is not as partisan as one might think. And I know that was a long sentence but I am doing stream-of-consciousness here, which is what I usually do — I’m just doing it to a greater extreme.

Oh, and that New Hampshire cattle call looked demeaning to me. If I were a candidate I would have skipped it. I can see why Trump did not bother to attend. It could only make you look bad. I mean some unknown firing questions at you while you sit there like a school boy all alone on the stage.

I don’t know how you do real debates with 17 or more people but that thing was a farce from what I saw and what I heard about it.

Probably we need a better way of weeding out candidates beforehand — the old-time political backrooms anyone? And then we need real collegiate-style debates. And for those candidates who say they are not good debaters, well then they don’t belong in the profession of ideas and argument do they? If you cannot make an argument and then support it, I’m not interested — did you hear that Mr.Trump. Bombast and name calling is not a genuine argument.

While I am not good at predictions, I still see it as Hillary vs. Jeb.

I don’t even know why most of these folks are in it.

Too bad someone more exciting is not in it. We do have the Donald. He is entertaining, but that will wear off I would think.

God help us if he actually is nominated and worse yet that he wins.


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