To Trump: political correctness is bad, but what you have is bad manners…

Just listened to the Republican free for all in Cleveland — the first Fox News debate — and before I say anything else I just want to say something about Donald Trump’s jab at political correctness in defense of his disgusting comments about women, calling them pigs and dogs and well a lot worse.

While he is right that political correctness has gotten out of hand it has nothing to do with his bad manners. Trump lacks civility and decorum and of course he is a bully. It would be disgraceful to have someone behave like that and be president of the United States — not that others have not behaved badly but they usually try to hide it because they know it is something to be ashamed of.

Trump did not fall on his face or implode and he actually turned a bankruptcy question meant to criticize him on its head by declaring that as a businessman he simply used a legal tool available to him and that out of hundreds of deals his company only had four bankruptcies — and he said all businessmen do it.

What Trump did, however, is display what everyone with a brain knows. I mean he may or may not be a good businessman but he is shallow on public policy. He just says things. He just declares things. And he certainly is not consistent. Called on the fact that although he now blasts Obamacare — something required of all GOP candidates — at a previous time he supported single payer. In his defense he seemed to say that single payer works in other countries but he would do something different here. What? I don’t think he spelled that out, just made some vague references.

At first I thought the debate sounded like some kind of Roman circus or maybe one of those goofy pro wrestling matches.

I also thought it was not serious enough at first. But as it went on I realized it was no worse and probably better than most I have seen in recent years. It was certainly lively.

While it seemed to be conducted in more of a show business style than a news style (but of course news is show business these days) I have to congratulate the Fox News hosts for conducting a lively show and asking something other than soft ball questions as they often do.

I listened to nearly all of it on radio as I was driving. I could not pick out any clear winners, but I am sure there were some clear losers, simply because they did not have interesting answers.

Well let me stop there. Actually Jeb Bush did okay even though he is dull. He just seemed less extreme and not hogtied to far-right dogma, even though he expresses conservative viewpoints. So the fact he did not stumble, except maybe just a tad on that pesky recurring Iraq question (his brother’s war), in a way he won. He keeps being asked knowing what we know now should we have gone into Iraq (as brother W did)? Of course one would do things differently if he or she could see into the future, so I never did get the relevance of that question (never mind the W. administration cooked the books on intelligence to push us into the war).

I still think it looks like dull Jeb vs. over-the-hill-Hillary. But Jeb does need to get some excitement into the game or Trump just might beat him.

I guess Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, did well. Not sure. There has been a lot of buzz about him, but somehow I don’t see him as appealing to the broad public — too local, too unknown, except as a union buster. I mean his name has become synonymous with union busting. What’s a union? I’m a non-union truck driver. All I know is union means everyone is on break.

(I’m not anti union. I’m neutral on that subject.)

I wished I had been able to take in the earlier kid’s table debate. I understand Carly Fiorina shined there. I believe it. She is my current girl friend. I like her talk. She could vamp me into voting Republican. I’m not kidding.

Maybe it is not what she says but her presentation. I appreciate a strong woman who still seems to be a woman.

One of the 17 or how many candidates in the GOP needs to break out of the pack.

Maybe Carly could do it.

She could beat Hillary I think. And I don’t know if that would be good or bad, really.


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