Trump struts on the stage and tells us how great he is…

I’m probably safe from Donald Trump’s invective being as he would have no idea I even exist but if he did know he would call me stupid. That is the way he dismisses criticism. He calls everyone who disagrees with him stupid. And for that he gets applause.

There is a lot of pent-up anger in the nation and a lot of cynicism about the political class. And I really don’t know who these people who are so wowed about Trump are.

I just viewed a few minutes of a Trump presentation on Yahoo News and I could not make out what he was really saying. Kind of a lot of noise and a lot of calling people stupid. And then he went into his xenophobic rant about illegal immigrants, claiming that other nations are purposely sending the dregs of their society over to us to save their own jail costs.

(Yes the idea that sanctuary cities would provide safe haven for criminals and degenerates is appalling. I think it was the law of unintended consequences. I think the idea was to provide sanctuary for desperate individuals and families who fled poverty and violence in other lands. It’s too bad authorities don’t seem to have the common sense to sort through all that. But this can be changed. But castigating all undocumented immigrants to draw support from voters is something like blaming it all on the Jews.)

Trump’s experience as I understand it is in negotiating real estate deals, and he makes no secret that anything goes when you are negotiating. You just deceive and bluff your way through and never give a sucker and even break.

He indicates that he would get the help of his wheeler-dealer big business buddies, who are all “smart guys”, to make up his administration. It’s all about making the deal. He seems to equate governance with the art of the deal in high finance and that’s about it.

So far he seems to be short on specifics (but then politicians often are I admit). He sounds like a demagogue, a dangerous one at that.

Trump sounds like he wants to cut through the nonsense (you know working with other people who might differ with him) and get the things done he thinks are important.

So far all I have heard Trump say is that he will do something “great” or “fantastic” or “amazing” or “wonderful”. He may be one smart guy — he certainly is clever — but he does not seem to be terribly articulate. But of  course it is true one can sound articulate and at the same time say nothing.

The current polls seem to indicate there is a sizable segment of the population that is so down on business as usual and so frustrated over economic problems and the loss of status of America and the intractable international situation that they are ready for someone to just take charge and cut through the bull excrement.

It is hard to believe the electorate could fall for that.

But I saw Trump strutting on stage almost Mussolini style.

And did not the German electorate vote Adolph Hitler into office?


I have no idea whether Trump is a Hitler type. He may be just full of himself, and he may even have the best interests of the nation in his heart and just wants to do his part to make things better. But the personality he projects looks dangerous to me.


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