There was the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, and now the Great Wall of Trump?

The Great Wall of Trump is one of the more interesting or insane features of you know who’s proposed foreign policy.

I don’t know, maybe it could become one of the wonders of the world and it even could surpass the Great Wall of China or the Maginot Line, or the Berlin Wall in importance or historical prominence.

I’m not quite sure why we need the wall. But he seems to think we can get Mexico to help pay for it. I don’t know why Mexico would want to pay for it. Is that nation afraid it might lose its best and brightest?

The Great Wall of Trump would be kind of like our version of the Berlin Wall, except refugees might be shot at from the front instead of from the back.

You know who says that Mexico is sending its criminals and other undesirables north to us. I don’t know what evidence he has for such an official action.

Somehow I doubt illegal aliens account for a disproportionate share of crime — probably about the same mix of bad apples (manzanas malas) among Mexicans (and others) coming over the border as in any other identifiable group.

A more practical solution to controlling illegal immigration might be to reduce the incentives. I have no idea why the use of E-Verify (a computer program for verifying legal employment status) is not mandatory for employers (except I suppose the lobbies that represent businesses that prefer to have a supply of relatively low-cost labor available put pressure on congress).

And I always wonder why we make it so hard to be a legal immigrant. If people were here legally and to work they could compete on an even playing field with everyone else and pay their fair share of taxes and be part of society.

And then you know who wants to simply round up all the illegal aliens and deport them, even though in many cases it might mean separating children from their moms and dads. And he wants to do away with automatic citizenship based solely on the fact one is born here. I don’t know, I just have always felt that if one is born here then he or she is by definition from here and that qualifies one as an American citizen.

Yeah, that’s what we need a police state with people being asked for their papers and people being arrested in mass.

Well of course you know who is Donald Trump.

He’s very confident. He says that’s because he always wins.

It’s generally a good trait to be confident. And to the extent problems can be effectively and positively dealt with by wining I guess always winning can’t be bad. But I think presidents find there are problems that defy solutions. I think the Middle East is one of them. You end up going one way or the other or you just waffle but there seems to be no winning.

But Trump has a lot of bravado. So did George W. Bush. And you see where that got us.


Oh, and that Great Wall?

Mexicans seem to be great and digging tunnels.


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