Why do ordinary citizens claim that they can’t say what Donald Trump says?

What is it that Donald Trump is saying that ordinary citizens say they cannot but wished they could? And why can’t they?

And how can I comment on politics without mentioning Donald Trump? He has stolen the show. I mean I have from time to time watched what had been a liberal Democratic-favoring political commentary show called “Hardball, with Chris Mathews” (not exclusively, but among others, although I seldom suffer Fox News, only as part of a temporarily captive audience or if they are playing the debate).

When I do catch his show, or segments of it, it is a day late, it being repeated on his website on that schedule, but all I am seeing for the past several days is endless commentary on Trump. He seems enthralled, as is the rest of the press.

Somehow Trump has put a spell on them and like zombies they must follow and rebroadcast and comment on every utterance — usually highly simplistic, third-grade level language (and that is an insult to third-graders), with incomplete sentences, empty platitudes, racism, misogyny, and non-sequitars — not to mention no support whatsoever on off-the-cuff assertions (of course a lot of politicians do that last one, but Trump does it as an art form).

But in interview after interview people say they like how he “tells it like it is” (I’m not sure that means tells the truth, unless his brand of the truth suffices), and this really gets me: they say he says things they are not able or allowed to say. I ask what is it he is saying they are not able to say? And, why do they think they cannot say these things?

Now the only thing I can come up with is that Trump has been bad mouthing Mexicans or sometimes he qualifies this by disparaging illegals from Mexico (and see? there I used the term “illegals” which is sometimes considered politically incorrect, but I don’t mind using it and am not afraid to) and people are afraid that if they did that they might lose their jobs because they were somehow violating someone’s civil rights by using racial slurs in public or in the workplace.

And you know, putting down people because of race or creed or color or place of origin is not as popular as it used to be, in public anyway. Kind of like the old (now) comedy line of “drunk driving is not as popular as it once was”.

But aside from that what have people fooled themselves into thinking cannot be said?

If Trump really believes all that he says then I say hooray for him and let people judge accordingly (even if so many have poor judgment apparently). And now through the magic of editing after posting, I take that back. If the electorate has such terrible judgment as to elect Trump, we are in trouble as a nation.

At first Trump was viewed as nothing but a side show. And then he was seen as a distraction to the Republican message (being that he currently claims to be running as a Republican). But now many of the pundits, even the GOP hired hands, are cautiously predicting that he just might be nominated (the polls and the camera shots of the crowds don’t lie, or do they?). Others say that although he might get the Tea Party support or the reactionary support or the non-college educated support or the evangelical support (and he is not a religious guy or certainly not known to be, so I don’t know what that is all about), that he will never get wide enough support in the GOP to get the nomination.

So what to make of his seeming appeal to so many among the great mass:

We’ve already commented in previous posts on the mood of dissatisfaction with the status quo (both on the right and left) among voters.

But I think it may be part showmanship (well a lot showmanship) and partly due to the fact that there are a whole heck of a lot of folks out there who don’t take to nuance (these are probably the same ones who don’t get sarcasm or political satire). To them the conduct of life is cut and dried. The solution to all problems is black or white. There are no shades of gray.

They want a strong man (and probably the emphasis on man as well as strong. I’ve even seen women say before the camera he is what we need, even though he has a history of disparaging women and treating them rough (men will be men, Mad Men).

Trump makes it sound so easy. He won’t have to make political deals (and he will not be beholden to special interests, he not caring and being so independently wealthy). He’ll just direct something be done, and through his superior business-style management skills and by way of the captivating spell of his personality, thy will be done (by order of the president, the King, der Führer).


And this just in: even as I write this, Politico is reporting that Donald Trump, despite vowing that he would receive no special interest money, has received money from family connections and is actively soliciting donations from big donors. Of course I imagine Trump would say Politico is just a bunch of stupid journalists, but maybe they are just “telling it like it is”.


I’ll just get to the point: I don’t like Donald Trump. I had thought he was a tad entertaining, though, but he has grown stale, and I think a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the United States of America and the world.

I honestly think that some hope he will win the Republican nomination just to screw the Republicans.

But that could be as dangerous as playing Russian Roulette.

Okay, I will give Trump this:

If he can force others to tell it like it is, not mince words, and simply state the facts as they see them and not just worry about what is “politically correct” or what will please a certain demographic calculated by political operatives, then I guess he does serve a useful purpose.

But he does not impress me in the least. Scare me, well yes.


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