Jeb Bush politically inept; illegal immigrant and anchor baby problem overblown…

Jeb Bush seems to be politically inept. And that is disappointing because without him we have the threat of Donald Trump as president. I could see no other Republican candidate than Jeb right now who could possibly have the gravitas or name power to win the election, except Trump by the sole virtue of his polling so phenomenally well in the early running with his flying circus.

Of course it may be good news for Hillary Clinton. I think she could beat Trump (although who knows?) if the email scandal does not bring her down. There are more Democrats registered nationwide than Republicans. Crossover Democrats, such as the Reagan Democrats, I doubt would vote for Trump (even though he is compared to Reagan sometimes), unless maybe in the general election Trump toned down the hate speech a tad and put a little bit more reason into his arguments (but then he would not be Trump and would lose his allure to those smitten with him).

Sounding a little more reasoned, I did hear Trump say that it would probably be impractical to impossible to repeal the 14th Amendment. He has a problem with it because it is used to justify automatic citizenship by birth. He said or indicated, however, that it might be tested in court.

Meanwhile, Jeb, who supports the 14th Amendment, got tripped up and assured everyone that although he has a problem with the so-called “anchor baby” phenomenon– foreigners having babies here so that the offspring will gain automatic citizenship (under the 14th Amendment) and health care and other government benefits that go along with it — he was not referring to “Mexicans” as Trump has but instead “Asians”.

Jeb has a Mexican wife and Jeb is said to speak fluent Spanish and does what he can to use those credentials to lure the Latino vote.

So he tried to distance himself from the xenophobia of Trump by directing the accusations at Asians instead of Latinos.

Yeah, that’s an adroit political move: instead of raising the specter of being taken over by brown people, bring back the fear of the “yellow peril”. Way to go Jeb! And he was still figuring out how to answer that Iraq question — you know whether it was worth all the sacrifice his brother W. put the nation through. This guy needs to be coached.

Now some are commenting that really Jeb has a point and there are two different problems. On the one hand, you have migrant workers (mostly Mexican and other Latin Americans) coming over the border and having children born here, and on the other hand, you have well-to-do Asians (Chinese for example) booking special trips by agents who specialize in facilitating the anchor baby process.

I’m not sure I read what the difference is but I think the idea is that these well-heeled people are conducting an outright abuse of the system. On the other hand, the illegal workers are simply in search of survival and the 14th Amendment protects the children who had no say in where they were born — and the undocumented workers are contributing by doing honest and much-needed work. You know, they do pay taxes out of their paychecks.

(I think I also heard that having a baby born in the U.S. can sometimes help the parents in gaining U.S. citizenship.)

And then there is the term “anchor babies” which purportedly is some kind of racial slur (I don’t see that). It seems Jeb vowed not to use it and urged others not to and then went ahead and used it. But he could not come up with any other word. I mean words and expressions are created to convey specific meanings sometimes. I feel his pain on that one.

In reality I think the whole anchor baby phenomenon and illegal immigrant problem are way overblown.

I would say just enforce the laws that exist. Require all employers to use E-Verify, and then deal with the rest.

If great multitudes are coming out of Latin America there is a reason. They are looking for a better life. Isn’t that why our ancestors came here?

Put them to work. Tax them. Be done with it.

(And no I don’t think a large portion of our crime problem can be attributed to robbers and murderers and rapists flooding in over our borders — but of course if there is a problem then we need to deal with it while not punishing good people.)

And back to The Donald:

I don’t want to keep writing about Donald Trump but I like to write and comment about politics and right now you can’t avoid mentioning him, but really over the past 24 hours all I have heard him say is the word “amazing”, repeated over and over again. He’s “amazing”. The turnout for him is “amazing”. People he likes (and I guess there are some) are “amazing”. He either does not have a large vocabulary or he is dumbing it down for the masses of asses. Kind of like that overused and wrongly used word “awesome” everyone seems to be saying, or at least all sales people and waitresses and others you deal with in daily commerce. I think you hear it at Back to School nights too.

(I’m old and some misused or overused words in the modern vernacular often grate on my ears. I mean “cool”, as in “it’s cool”, or just saying “cool” as a positive response when someone says something is slang but it has been around for so long  — at least a hundred years I would think — that it seems almost formal, but saying everything is “awesome”, is usually a gross exaggeration or inaccurate and always annoying).

I just saw a video of Trump before an Iowa crowd but turned it off after several minutes of him flattering himself as being so “amazing”.

Actually Trump may well be both “awesome” and “amazing” in some contexts.

But not necessarily in a good way.


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