Biden was wrong on Bin Laden and he would be wrong to run…

Vice President Joe Biden advised President Obama not to take a chance and go after Osama Bin Laden — it was not 100 percent at the time that Bin Laden was where they thought he was and that the raid would be successful.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said go for it.

Just like capturing Saddam Hussein, who was hiding in a hole, was a coup for President George W. Bush and helped seal his re-election, killing Bin Laden was a high point for Obama — even if people so quickly forget it seems.

Well Joe, you can’t get them right all the time.

But my advice to you Joe is:

Don’t bother running for president. Spend more time with Jill. You’ve done your service to the country. You’re getting too old, quit while you are arguably ahead (family tragedy notwithstanding). You’ve had a rough time of it, losing your son and your first wife, don’t add to your grief and strain your marriage.

Also, I imagine you could snag a cabinet post — heck, maybe secretary of state. Or maybe a choice ambassadorship. To the Middle East — you’re such an expert on that area of the world (sorry, a little sarcasm, I couldn’t help it)…

I’m sure Biden is a good man but I don’t think he is presidential material, even though he is a heart beat from the job as it is. I mean I know in a pinch he would rise to the occasion, but his time has passed to begin a term anew.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s numbers are falling they say, although polls confuse me, and numbers I see still show her with a comfortable lead in both the primary and general election. But her problems are partly due to a perception that she is, shall we say, less than candid and is evasive on things and that she seems to be scandal prone (White Water, Vince Foster, futures contracts, unsavory dealings of the Clinton Foundation, and of course emailgate). As to the later, as some of the facts come out about the way the State Department before Hillary handled emails it does not seem to me that she was much more careless than anyone else, including Republican predecessors, but that is not much of a defense. She really needs to get on top of this. She should have gotten ahead of it.

I’d like to see her get out there and make a lot of fiery public speeches and state her case and quit the phony faux-folksy meet Hillary stuff or whatever she does. Hey Hillary, everyone doesn’t have to like you (they won’t anyway), they just need to be convinced they ought to vote for you.

And while I don’t think she should dwell on emails, she needs to come up with a credible or plausible defense and quit insisting no one is talking about it, because I’m sorry, they are (I mean it may be driven by the unrelenting media coverage aided and abetted by her enemies, but that is how issues come to the forefront, that’s politics, and she of all people has to realize she must deal with it).

The Republicans meanwhile need a moderate who can capture the imagination of the splintered parts of the party — you have to be clever to do that. Jeb Bush has not proven too clever so far. Brother W. was better at that, who would have known? But keep trying Jeb, you could be as smart as brother George (a pretty low bar at that).


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