The political parties need to get stronger…

I already forgot the exact quote but something like they’ll let the whore into the church but they don’t let her lead the choir the first day. That was supposedly what Republican candidate Wendell Willkie was told after he switched from being a Democrat to a Republican. He was a businessman and a political outsider.

And I did not call Donald Trump a whore, it just seems like I implied that.

(As I understand it, Trump was previously a Democrat.)

I could see Trump going two ways if he ever got to be president:

A. Continuing with his egomaniac ways and trying to be the great dictator who will take care of all of us and finally flaming out or destroying all of us and the world too.

B. Settling down once he got elected and trying to govern within the confines of a democratic system with three independent branches of government.

I would bet on the former.

Meanwhile, thanks to my internet connection and C-Span, I caught Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Party confab last night in Minneapolis. Once she got warmed up it was a rip-roaring old-time Democratic speech. I liked it. But I am no longer sure I really like some of the Democratic line — but I like a fiery political speech, and I don’t mean the Trump style of trash talk which is not delivered in traditional speech form but more like someone hurling insults on the street and displaying bravado.

Hillary’s primary opponents are crying foul and saying the party is rigging things for her. They may be.

Now wouldn’t that be a strange turn of events. In my lifetime it has been the Republicans who get behind one candidate early and who have gone under the rule (no longer in effect it seems), “thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican”.

But I think the pundits are saying Hillary needs a primary fight to fire herself up and to make her reach out to those left of her and to in the end come up with someone (well Hillary actually) who the whole party can stand behind and get elected.

And in her speech she was unabashedly pushing women’s rights (equal pay, ect.) and, gasp! gun control (and I don’t mean holding the gun steady as the gun enthusiasts joke). I think she used a euphemism for the words “gun control” .

She and others have pointed out that Democrats lost majorities in the House and Senate by failing to get the vote out. Too many Democrats stayed home.

And I think that is the danger of the weak party system we have gotten ourselves into. There is a good reason to have political parties. Through political parties diverging ideas coalesce into workable policy. In the absence of strong political parties you get independent candidates who may not feel that they need to represent all of the people. And you get government in constant gridlock, powerless to do anything.

I’ll never forget watching TV crews interview stranded people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina with the full forces of government, including the armed forces, unable to rescue them. What’s that all about? Even Communist China sends in the army in natural disasters — but we were tied up in the Middle East at the time (well we still are). We can unleash death and destruction half way around the globe but we can’t help people right here at home.

Yes, I know the military did take part in the Katrina rescue operation but it was an embarrassingly weak show led by an embarrassment of a president.

The whole reason so many people seem to be taken by the Trump rhetoric is that they see our gridlocked government as ineffectual, expensive but useless.

I’m rooting for both of our major political parties to have a good fight in the primaries and then come out with two worthy contenders in the general election.

I’m not sure that is going to happen.


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