Jeb Bush fights back and he has a weapon Trump lacks…

So Jeb Bush has found his spine. I guess over the last 24 or so hours he has gone into the attack mode against Donald Trump, who has been doing nothing but dissing poor, polite Jeb since the race began.

So far, Trump somehow manages to deflect all criticism. I know his tactics include retorting by the childish behavior of name calling and by vilifying reporters who refuse to ask softball questions or in one case actually having a reporter thrown out of a news conference and by the age-old tactic of just not directly responding but changing the subject.

But Jeb has something in his arsenal that Trump lacks. He is fluent in Spanish. That means he has a better chance of reaching more potential Hispanic votes. Of course just speaking the lingo is not enough to get a vote and not all Hispanics think alike politically, but even so, Jeb has a major advantage in that regard. He learned Spanish as a young man while on an exchange program in Mexico and met his wife there.

He’s so into the Latin culture that a headline in a Spanish news site referred to him as “un gringo aplatanado”, a Spanish phrase meaning basically that he’s gone native.

Jeb has presented some of his fight-back remarks in Spanish for the benefit of Hispanic audiences.

Heck, maybe like Bill Clinton was dubbed as our “first black president”, if elected, Jeb could be our first “Hispanic” president.

But I don’t think anyone being honest about it all would think, therefore, that Jeb would just represent Hispanic interests (whatever that might even mean). He comes from a solid gringo family — so he is gringo by his native culture, but he has expanded his horizons. He majored in Latin-American studies.

Anyway, Jeb or his campaign has been busy releasing a video or videos of past Trump positions, which portray him in his own words as a liberal New Yorker. And I think it is brought out that he had previously been registered as a Democrat.

If people will just stop and think this one out they will realize that basically Trump is just a blowhard who will say or do anything to sway those who just hear what they want to hear.

Jeb is much more thoughtful (although I’m sure like all politicians he has found out that at times it seems necessary to tailor one’s message to the audience or the times), but he may have decided that finally it’s time to fight fire with fire.

Trump’s campaign used the tactic of editing sound bites to alter the message or things Bush had said. I think the Bush campaign in a way might be doing that right back (although it seems the Trump work in that regard is more blatant).

Politics is rough and often dirty.

Jeb Bush may be getting rough and getting his hands dirty.

It’s about time.


I should note that it is difficult to portray Trump in the standard liberal vs. conservative narrative or model. He may fit neither category. He does fit this one, however: DEMAGOGUE .


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