“I was not thinking…” an awkward defense for Hillary…

Hillary Clinton has a rather awkward defense for deciding to use a personal server for all of her emails, both government business and private, upon becoming secretary of state.

“I was not thinking a lot when I got in (to the office)…”

Now in her defense one might say this widely-reported quote is a classic example of taking someone’s words out of context. But the NBC news video is available for all to see on the internet. I watched it a couple of times.

She was saying the job ahead of her was so near overwhelming that she did not stop and think about things like email servers.

Now if she was simply talking about something only a computer nerd would know, we could all understand this defense and accept it I would think. But someone in her position — and she being a lawyer — has to understand the requirements and ethics involved when doing the public’s business.

Admittedly, she does not have to know exactly what a server is or how it works.

She often maintains that emails she received and sent on her private server were not classified, that is at the time. Later some were (she leaves that out), although I have also read that those reviewing the gigantic trove of emails have noticed how classify-happy the government officials are. They classify things that are already in the public domain.

Something that really bothers me in all of this is that I have read that she had some of the emails destroyed before any of them were turned over to investigators. But she and here staff just say: trust us, no government business on them, just private stuff, I guess like who’s bringing the wine to the party tonight?

(Usually this is called destruction of evidence and carries penalties.)

This email thing could be her downfall.

Her best hope at the moment may be a Trump nomination, and I wished I could keep myself from mentioning his name every time I make post on politics.




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