Trump, the male version of Sarah Palin…

It seems that Donald Trump had a Sarah Palin moment on a New York radio show this week in which he revealed some ignorance of foreign policy facts, although I have to admit what he tripped up on is not common knowledge, except probably among Middle Eastern policy wonks. He did not appear to understand the difference between the Kurds, a people residing mostly in northern Iraq, and the so-called Quds Force, a special Iranian military unit. It was also apparent that he was not familiar with who the leader of the Quds Force is when the talk show host asked about him, although the Donald tried to bluff his way through. (He’s Qasen Soleimani; not exactly a household name I know.)

This was on the Hugh Hewitt radio show in New York (he is described as a “conservative” radio host).

Of course Trump’s reaction was to accuse Hewitt of using “gotcha questions” and berating his abilities as a talk show host.

(In the world I’m used to such a childish reaction would not speak well of you, but maybe in Trumpland it’s considered proper. There are more adroit and civilized ways to defend yourself.)

Another GOP political newcomer reportedly tripped up foreign policy knowledge-wise on the same show. Dr. Ben Carson didn’t know, and now I forgot what he didn’t know, but does it really matter? Only maybe if they were to be elected president. But what do you expect? Both of these guys are public and foreign policy newcomers. Why anyone would think either one on them is qualified to be president I don’t know.

Dr. Carson is supposed to be a brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon. So why doesn’t he just stick to the operating room?

Trump is just a charlatan, enough said.

It may well be a lot of the current crowd running for president is ignorant on things beyond our borders. That’s the American way. It’s almost as if the nation prides itself on being and island onto itself.

But it can be catastrophic to have someone in the White House who is ignorant of the world beyond our borders.

The only evidence I need to offer in that regard is George W. Bush.

It is fairly apparent that he had not a clue about the Middle East and probably none of the rest of the world either, although he did look deeply into Vladimir Putin’s eyes — and I don’t know what that was all about.

Only an ignoramus such as he could respond to the worst attack on this nation since Pearl Harbor by attacking the wrong nation or at least putting the major thrust against the wrong nation (Iraq instead of concentrating on Afghanistan where the perpetrator himself hid out for nearly a decade).

That Bush blunder cost the U.S. dearly in blood and treasure and further destabilized the region making it fertile soil for the rise of terror groups such as ISIS and leading to the refugee crisis affecting Europe today.

Yeah, neither you nor I have to know the minutia about the Kurds and the Quds and such (except we all have a duty as good citizens to keep up on current events at some level), but the occupant of the oval office needs to know a thing or two – and don’t give me that “I will seek out the best advisors”. Ignorant presidents can be led down the wrong path.

I should mention that Carly Fiorina got the gold star on the show for answering all her foreign policy questions to the satisfaction of the host.


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