Dr. Ben Carson would have us fight over religion like in the Middle East…

I think the reality of politics is that Dr. Ben Carson never had a chance to win the contest anyway, but with his comment that a Muslim would not be fit to be president, he really ought to just pull out of the race himself.

I mean he is of course entitled to his opinion, but with his public profile, maybe that is an opinion better to keep to himself. And this is not political correctness I am talking about I don’t think. Does he really want to see our nation go the way of the Middle East where people vie politically and militarily over religion and sects within the religion?

That’s why we have freedom of religion and that is why our government and religion are supposed to be separate.

I actually kind of know what the good doctor is getting at. He said he did not think the Muslim faith is consistent with our values. I’m not sure what it is consistent with myself, but I realize that historically Christianity has had sway here since our founding.

Voters are free to think whatever they want and they of course can talk with one another about who they think should be president and maybe some people still look at religion.

But a candidate has to realize that if he or she should be elected then the job is to represent all the people.

So just put Carson in the class of Huckabee and his ilk, religious bigots.

Even Ted Cruz responded to the controversy by saying that he is a strict constitutionalist and therefore he does not support a religious test.

I think Carson just doesn’t get it.

Personally I am not terribly concerned about a candidate’s religion unless I think somehow the candidate is going to use it to bad ends — that is favoring one religion over another or pushing his or her religion on the rest of us. We are supposed to have freedom of religion (and even freedom from religion) and you cannot have that if the government is promoting religion or a particular religion.

(And yes, I admit if a Muslim were to run for president, just like back in 1960 some people wondered whether JFK might take orders from the Pope, some today might question whether a Muslim would owe allegiance to an ayatollah, but it is dangerous, nonetheless, to have a candidate fanning the fires of religious strife.)


And just an aside here. I read that the city council of Coolidge, Az. has voted to only allow Christian prayer for their invocations at the start of their meetings. How can that pass constitutional muster?


Meanwhile, Dr. Carson has been busy with his bigotry:

He said that being gay is a choice because guys coming out of prison have turned homosexual. Well first I am not aware that guys coming out of prison have turned homosexual. Sounds like something he just tossed out there with no supporting evidence. Maybe he is concluding that because we all know what goes on in prisons — men sexually attacked by other men — that such activity makes one homosexual. And this guy is a doctor? Maybe Carson is or was a skillful surgeon, but he must have a fairly narrow mind.

He also claimed that President Obama is a “psychopath”. I don’t even know where we go with that one.

I am wondering about the good doctor himself, though.



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