Willful ignorance of the public and the old Southern Strategy has led to this…

It’ a crazy time in politics. I almost think that Donald Trump is working more for Hillary Clinton than the Republican Party.

He has done his part to throw the GOP into disarray, him and the reactionary Tea Party wing (and they are not the same thing, but they might as well be).

The GOP deserves what it is getting. I think Richard Nixon started it all long ago when he reached toward bigots in the South for support  because he was afraid of losing the presidency. It was called the Southern Strategy.

But of course bigotry and small-mindedness and xenophobia know no geographic boundaries.

And ignorance, and in many cases, far too many, a willful ignorance of current events and history and even basic civics, thrives in our society.

No thinking person could seriously support Trump unless they hoped he might screw up the GOP.

But even if it all was a plot – and I don’t really think it is, just seems like it – it would be a dangerous one.

Despite his bravado, I don’t think Trump could handle the job. He would quickly find out he did not know anything (he would not admit that of course) and people would not just do things because he said so. At that point he would want to quit or sue someone. We have had many weak presidents, weak either because that was their own nature or because they did not have political support. And you can’t get political support by insulting everyone you meet.

And having someone in the oval office who is ignorant of the world outside of his own domain is dangerous. We need only to go back to George W. Bush. He did not know one country from another and depended upon Condoleezza Rice for tutoring. Trouble was, she was a Soviet Union expert, but the USSR was no more. And he fell into the grips of the evil Dick Cheney. And that man personifies evil.

Some people think if you are rich you must be smart. But being smart enough to become rich has little to do with successful governing. Also, how did one become rich? Trump as I understand it was born into some wealth. That helps. He also was (is) involved in real estate development. That’s right up there with selling used cars. You stretch the truth, lie, bully, bait and switch, and most of all keep talking and keep your victims off guard. And the biggie in Trump’s way of doing business is Opium. No not the drug, but using Other people’s money (I’m not sure how you’re supposed to write that). You get others to invest, take your money off the top and pull out before it all goes sour and declare bankruptcy if you have to. I don’t see how that translates into being a good president.

And then we have Hillary Clinton as the heir-apparent on the Democratic side. But she is buried in the email scandal. And now the news this past week that more emails have been found when she had claimed all were turned over (and this is not the first batch of new emails found). And despite the fact she claimed to not have played a direct role in helping a family lawyer triple dip so to speak – simultaneously working for the State Department, the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, and a private firm, creating a conflict of interest, it appears she did have a direct role.

Bernie Sanders seems clean (don’t know of any scandals), but what chance would he have, despite drawing large crowds (and getting big poll numbers)? Like I have asked before: would the electorate put a self-avowed socialist into office (even if forms of socialism are ingrained into our own system)?

I don’t think Sanders has yet put out a foreign policy statement, but I did see a video of him with the Des Moines Register in which he said that war should always be a last resort but it would remain on the table as an option if he were president. He opposed the Iraq War.

Certainly Sanders is for the working people. He is a socialist and he is an idealist, but from what little I’ve heard him say, a practical man, a realist. He apparently knows one must work within the system for change.

Despite the fact that the Clintons claim to be with the working people you have to remember the Clintons, neither one of them, have any history of being working people. It was college and law and politics, with politics always the top concern.

Besides having some odd jobs in his youth, Sanders began as a political activist, and has been in politics most of his life. And I have to remind myself, he is not a Democrat, but an independent who describes himself as a democratic-socialist (and although Republicans would have you believe all Democrats are socialists, that is democratic with a small d). Sanders caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate.

But anyway I think it is safe to say that Sanders has led a much more humble existence than the Clintons, who found out how to make millions in the name of doing good for the little people.

As to the crowd running on the GOP side, most of them are opportunists riding the reactionary wave with no clue as to how to govern. And the ones who do have their heads on straight, Bush, Kasich, Pataki, can’t seem to get enough attention and are for all intents and purposes rejected in the current GOP milieu. However, Bush might yet make it, Jeb Bush that is (I think he is the smarter one, not sure sometimes).

Joe Biden might enter the race yet. A wild card for sure.

With all of this I am taking a hiatus from this blog. Have more pressing business to take care of.

But give me a month or even sooner if I find I cannot resist.

And one more thing:

Some early predictions (in which my track record is 0):

Trump vs. Hillary, Hillary wins (if she can keep ahead of the email scandal, which she has not so far)

Bush vs. Hillary, Bush wins

Sanders vs. Trump (can’t predict, but maybe Trump? or the electorate wakes up, gets scared of the thought of Trump as president and relatively safe Sanders gets it)

Biden vs. Trump, Joe gets it


And I maybe I should add:

Hillary vs. Carly Fiorina, close maybe, but with the email drip, drip, drip dogging her, Hillary might lose to Carly — certainly Hillary has more experience and more depth, but she is also Hillary



I didn’t even mention Dr. Ben Carson in my original post here, but I see him as dangerous as Donald Trump, even though he is a different type of character — I think he is way out of his game and caught up in the celebrity of it all. I don’t see any danger of him being elected, though. But then there is that poor track record of mine when it comes to political prognostications.


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