Life on the street, good, safe life, that is

I am in a different world. Estoy como una pez fuera del agua. Like a fish out of water, almost.

I am staying in the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood of Madrid, Spain.

It is far easier to adapt to life here than try to do this blog with my index finger on this tablet.

Today I caught the underground metro and walked around the nearby San Bernardo neighborhood. I did Cuatro Caminos last night.

All very exotic and all very real. One feels a life, a pulse, not always detectable in the U.S., at least not in the hinterlands where I am from.

You probably will not find these places of which I speak on your common tourist map. But this is a slice of life worth tasting.

I will share more detail next month from home and my laptop, but try this on for size: families strolling the big city street, babies in strollers or in arms, many asleep, and it was 9 p.m. and not in a sterile shopping mall with nothing but a parking lot outside.

And all quite lively but all peaceful. I am new here but experienced no fear or even rude behavior.

Like I said, more later when I am not hampered by my tablet limitation.


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