I think Kasich wins debate but can’t get nominated, too reasonable

The Fox Business News/Wall Street Republican Presidential Debate:

As my headline says, I give the win in the main event (as opposed to the earlier undercard) to Ohio Governor John Kasich, even though he has like no chance of coming close to the nomination, judging from polls and coverage so far.

Not sure anyone lost, but Jeb Bush failed to excite, so since he was supposed to have been the leader way back when, but failed to show up in previous debates, so to speak, maybe he was the loser, or maybe Rand Paul who at one point got carried away with economics and seemed to suggest we cannot afford to defend ourselves (although I know that is not what he meant).

And Donald Trump might win the skin-head or reactionary vote by pledging to ship millions of south-of-the-border (undocumented) immigrants, little children and all, back over the border, even though families may be working and paying taxes and have been here for years. Others said that would be impractical and cruel, suggesting a fine and a path to citizenship.

Carly Fiorina seemed prepared with fiery or impassioned answers, retorts, or observations when she got a chance. I thought Donald Trump showed how shallow he really is, maybe even embarrassing some of his staunch supporters, whomever they might be.

And why does Marco Rubio always sound as if he just came back from the dentist? And he never seems to display much substance or supply evidence that he is up to the job of president, just that he is eager to get it. And he seems way too young. I know JFK was young. But he brought more with him — a war record, a prominent family name and a charisma. And no stigma of personal financial troubles.

I temporarily forgot Dr. Ben Carson, surgeon turned politician wannabe, and am adding a comment now after already posting this:

Carson has become more polished and I think he performed better than Trump, but I would not trust this man and think he is just winging it, but getting better at playing the part.  It seems his second career is selling his life story, rags to riches and all, with maybe a little embellishing here and there (but he would not be the first). I fail to see how being a surgeon qualifies one to be president.

I began this post after possibly tuning in late to the undercard debate, the loser show. I refer to that below:

Okay, the joke is probably on me. It looks as if I tuned in late to the undercard debate and wondered what happened. Even so, the 15 minutes I did see was not too enlightening, so some of my comments (from my original draft) still stand. I am in the process of watching the main event now and it is more lively and much more enlightening. I think Donald Trump is not doing well (but I liked his comment that we should have taken the oil in Iraq), but then what do I know? I also think Ted Cruz comes across as a little shallow (all rhetorical show), Rand Paul as not realistic, and John Kasich is the best but with little to no chance of winning — he’s just too realistic and reasonable. Have not seen much from Jeb Bush yet, a little and it was fairly good, but still not much. Marco Rubio is all platitude, no substance. But whatever, they are being flushed out of the brush here…

Hey, I watched (and sometimes just listened because I was fixing my dinner) the Fox Business News/ Wall Street Journal so-called undercard Republican presidential debate.

The Republicans claimed, in both debates, that they will help the veterans (just in time for Veterans Day I suppose).

But the Republicans have been in control of congress, so they have had all the time in the world to take care of veterans.


You might notice I barely mention any actual issues here. Well, really for now I am just interested in who might face Hillary Clinton (assuming as most do that she will be the Democratic Party nominee). I want to see if I will be presented with a reasonable choice. One thing, we can neither afford to have a hot head nor a too soft-hearted person as commander in chief. On domestic issues, it usually boils down to philosophy on the role of government and whether one simply goes by the adage that what is good for business is good for everyone (but of course business is not a single entity).

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