World War III may already be in progress…

I don’t want to overstate the case, but when I was advised to check my computer for the news that as many as a 100 or more people were killed in a terrorist attack in Paris I thought really this is the beginning of World War III. Actually we may already be in it. It does seem to be the extremists in the Middle East vs. Western civilization.


UPDATE, 11-14- 15, Saturday morning: And now the day after, the death toll is put at 128, at the time of this writing, and more than that wounded, some gravely, in six attacks across Paris, the heaviest toll being at a concert hall.

With ISIS claiming responsibility for the Paris atrocities, and with it also claiming responsibility for downing a Russian airliner, and what with China coming out against the terrorists, and Great Britain promising solidarity with France and others targeted by ISIS, and of course the USA pledging continued support in the ongoing war on ISIS, could this be a coalition of both the East and West against ISIS?


Don’t have much time to type here; I have an appointment to have my laptop checked out, for something minor I hope.

We really have not had any major terrorist attacks — well there was Ft. Hood, and am I forgetting any? — here in the U.S. since the biggie, 9/11. Strangely our mass murders have been inflicted by our home-grown crazies and are not political.

There may be something geographical — distance from Middle Eastern staging grounds — that makes Europe more vulnerable but I feel certain it is only a matter of time until it comes here or returns here.

So for what it is worth, no matter what your feelings about war, we are really already in a war.

And for at least the second time in this space, I ponder, was George W. right about the war on terrrrr, or however he pronounced it? If so, he did not seem to conduct it well, but then again he had poor advisors and no real military experience himself. Bush declared the war and suggested it had no end. I would say he did not need to actually declare it, it just is……….

More later, perhaps, I have to go to the computer store. Wish me luck please, I’ll need it….

And now back from the computer store. The good news is that I have a warranty but the not as good news is that I’ll have to leave the laptop with them for maybe two weeks (they have to send it out). My h key sticks. I’m getting a new keyboard. I have not turned it in yet but will soon. I’ll have to find another way to post or hold off for a while, we’ll see.

But of course my problem is minor. The terrorist problem threatens our very existence as a civilization.

A new president of the United States cannot solve it but must be up to dealing with it. The person will have to be someone who understands world affairs. But we actually have people in the race who have no clue. Strange, and somewhat terrifying in and of itself.

And to think this morning I paused like I always do when I notice it is Friday the 13th. And then thought of how many I have been through and nothing happened.



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