Hillary seems the winner of the debate to me, but we need to stand up to ISIS on our own, I think…

Since Hillary Clinton is the front-runner in polling, albeit with Bernie Sanders close behind, I would give the win to her in tonight’s Democratic Party presidential election debate in Des Moines, Iowa, since she held her own and then some. But if so, Sanders was an awful close second, jabbing at Clinton continuously (with a few kind words here and there), but would enough Americans vote for an avowed socialist? Probably not. So Hillary wins.

Former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor Martin O’Malley — pretty much an unheard of person on a national scale — was reported to have caused a spike in twitter chatter, but I’m not sure what that amounts to. But he was strident, claiming to have already done big and bold things the other two were only talking about, such as raising the minimum wage. But he seems too late in the game to be just getting noticed now. And on a discussion on race relations he got a jab from Sanders, who said he would not want to live in Baltimore (or something to that effect; I didn’t take notes and am not going to replay the tape, so to speak).

While all were for raising the minimum wage, Hillary thought it better to hold any raise to $12, while Sanders called for $15, and O’Malley claimed to have been in the lead on the issue way back when.

For my part I am not excited about the minimum wage, except I think it may be needed to set some kind of floor, because believe you me, some employers (not all thankfully) will pay the very least they can and still complain like Scrooge that they are being robbed. But no one should look at the minimum wage as the answer. The answer is on an individual level to get beyond it. Also it seems it has to be somewhat inflationary and self-defeating. If suddenly everyone gets at least $15 then the prices for goods and services go up accordingly and suddenly $15 is not what it just was. A vicious circle indeed. And I always figure that in order for there to be rich people or well-to-do people there has to be poor people. The idea that everyone makes the same and we are all rich is a fantasy. But we don’t let the less fortunate starve, or should not. We provide either through a cooperative effort in our taxes or charity or, realistically, both, and we always must know, there but for the Grace of God (and our own efforts) we would be.

The Paris attacks, ISIS: a little bit at the beginning about that with all three suggesting that we can only fight ISIS in a cooperative effort with those in the Middle East and Europe doing the heavy lifting.

Personally, I don’t know. We have to do what we have to do to defend ourselves. If ISIS really does threaten us, then the USA as the strongest nation on Earth, and the only hope for freedom, must act boldly on its own (and help welcome too) to defend itself and apologize to no one. While misguided foreign policy through the years might have contributed to our present predicament, there is no excuse for the barbarism inflicted by the terrorists.

As bad as it is, I don’t know yet how powerful ISIS is. I mean how sophisticated do you have to be to commit suicide attacks in nations that have freedom of movement?

And yes, they apparently did bring down that Russian airliner, but you or I could carry a bomb onto an airplane, especially if we came in the back door of an airport where security is not as tough as through the front, or is not at all (or course neither you nor I would do such a thing, just an example).

Nonetheless it may well be that ISIS has become extremely sophisticated and powerful.

If the next president is confronted with her or his own 9/11, he or she will have to take bold action but not blind action. But like I always write in this space, we have to fight to win. Winning is everything here.

And any country that knowingly harbors, aids or abets ISIS is our enemy.

But back to the debate. Unlike the Republican circus it was substantive, so much so I fell asleep in the middle for a bit, but that was because I was tired not necessarily bored.

But the contrast between the Democratic discussion and the Republican show was almost scary. I mean to think any one of the front-runners on the GOP side could be president with the nonsense and hate and surprising ignorance they spew is depressing at the very least. Voices of moderation or reason do not get much support in the GOP these days.

Maybe they do need to draft Mitt Romney.

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