Urgency and leadership lacking in Obama

Just watched President Obama’s special address to the nation after the San Bernardino terrorist rampage.

I think he is in a state of denial or he is in control and just cool as a cucumber. But I fear it is the former.

How is it that ISIS can actually physically control the second largest city in Iraq, much of Syria, and parts of Libya? And it appears ISIS is using the comfort of its bastion that includes urban environments to demonstrate its ability and power to act as a governing body and to both direct and inspire terrorist attacks on the West, including the USA.

While the one thing we don’t need is mindless and dangerous and gutless bluster of Trump, we do need reassurance and leadership.

I’m not seeing that leadership or sense of urgency from the president.

He does not want us to get sucked or suckered into another protracted and costly and ultimately futile ground war.

Neither do I, but we need to be willing to use our expensive military to its fullest and most efficient extent.

We can’t be helpless against attacks on our own soil.



Due to technical problems, I am limited to a few words. Just as well, and maybe better.














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