Super hawk drops out of race, president downplays ISIS threat.

On the one hand we have a super war hawk dropping out of the GOP presidential nomination race and on the other and we have the president of the United States declaring that although ISIS (a so-called Islamic terror group) poses a problem it is not an “existential threat” (and I always have to look that term up).

Now while I originally was impressed (not supportive, just impressed) with Lindsey Graham’s forceful pitch on fighting the Middle East-based terrorists, I grew concerned that he seemed to have gone into a state of hysteria over it and that maybe he was a wannabe warrior who would never see the real fight himself.

But now President Obama concerns me when he claims that ISIS is just a problem but not the big all-important threat it is put up to be. Blames “the media” for hyping it. The media has not been spraying automatic weapons fire at innocent people or lopping their heads off last I checked.

Pretty sure ISIS and the general milieu of Islamic terrorists are an existential threat to the whole free world.

I think the U.S. first has to look at what it can do to protect itself, and then how we can cooperate with like-minded or situated Western powers, and then hopefully get some of the Middle Eastern powers who are threatened as well to step up and be on the front lines — but it is America’s interest first — from our own perspective. If Middle Easterners would rather run away to Europe than fight the terrorists, so be it. We must defend ourselves.

That does not mean we send in the Marines (and other forces) or mount a D-Day invasion, necessarily, but we do need to do something that will work — we have to keep our options open and not waste time and money and most importantly lives by half measures, as we are wont to do all these past decades.

We need steady, bold leadership, that acts more than talks. We talk to too much and give our battle plans or reveal our fear to our enemies.

Donald Trump actually every once in a while has a point, but he is mostly a blow-hard and a chicken hawk.

Hillary Clinton is somewhat tied to what seems to be a failed Obama foreign policy. But she is not Obama of course, but she did vote for the failed Iraq war as a senator during the W administration and was up to her neck as Secretary of State with the failed Libya policy on Obama’s watch, which at one time I mistakenly thought was working.

Ted Cruz is a right-wing extremist who does not represent the broad spectrum of the American public.

I would go on but my continuing excuse is computer problems.

Graham dropped out of the race today and I just meant to comment on that.

Says he will probably return to Iraq. I don’t know what he does over there, but I know he loves it.


One Response to Super hawk drops out of race, president downplays ISIS threat.

  1. Jeancarlo Alencastro says:

    So glad Lindsey dropped out, especially after his hysterical love crush cry out for Bush during the undercard debate. Don’t see how him and McCain keep getting elected.

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