An exciting year in the offing: presidential election, terrorists, gun craziness…

So Happy 2016 to all!

I have been pre-occupied and not able to blog recently but I see the new year promises to be an exciting and momentous one, what with the continuing threat of terror and a U.S. election in which it still seems as if Donald Trump of all people might be the Republican nominee whether the party establishment or long-time GOP voters like it or not, and ironically, that’s a terror in itself.

(He could run on a third-party ticket or I’ve even heard it suggested that the mainstream might form its own third party.)

It also seems as if Hillary Clinton could well be on her way to become our first female president. Well, let’s see, we had our first black president and that seems to have upset a lot of people. One wonders how he got elected twice for all the noise from his detractors. No doubt the same mind-set will be just as upset with a woman president.

Personally I hope we can see a good fight between a more moderate or mainstream Republican, or even an old-line conservative, and Hillary. I’m discounting any chance for anyone else to fill the Democratic Party spot, although Bernie Sanders certainly is giving it a go and provides some much-needed populist influence. That’s populism from the political left. Trump is attempting to use populism from the other end of the political spectrum, I guess. However, I think his brand of politics can be best called “opportunism, or demagoguery, with perhaps a little fascism or fascist tactics mixed in. I don’t see much evidence that he has an ideology of any kind, except whatever works at the time. Ideologies can be so confining. Trump’s not confining himself.

And then there is all this nonsense of open-carry gun laws, one just going into effect in Texas — and, surprising to me, I understand that more than 40 states allow some form of open-carry.

I’m fed up with gun violence and the idea that we can solve it by every tom dick and jane toting a gun, open or concealed. I don’t get the logic.

While I have nominally supported the Second Amendment and notion that everyone (with few exceptions) has a right to pack a gun, my patience is wearing thin with a society that just can’t seem to handle guns safely.

And I really have no patience with the notion that we all have a right to pack military-style assault weapons. Yeah, I know we are supposed to keep the government in line and be ready to revolt at any time. But like I always say, I am not any more afraid of big government than I am of vigilantes running around in camouflage gear, maybe less so.

(A little more about vigilantes or militias at the bottom of this piece)

Oh, and the ongoing violence in Mexico bothers me. I mean I just read today that a woman was elected mayor in some place near Mexico City and then the next day she was shot to death in her home, with the drug cartel crowd being the main suspects. I understand she was a leftist and also vowed to fight against their corruption.

Studying Spanish is a hobby of mine that I have mentioned before. Mexico is a lot closer than Spain, but I have gone to Spain twice. I avoid Mexico, although I have made a few brief forays there. That was years ago. I don’t consider Mexico safe. Some say you just stay away from certain areas. Well in a way that is just as true here in the U.S., Spain, and elsewhere, but still…

Anyway, Happy 2016! I hope to write more soon.


After I originally posted this I came across the reports that militia members seized control of a federal building in Eastern Oregon in a dispute over the punishment of ranchers over use of federal land. I don’t have the time or interest at the moment for  going into detail except to say that this makes at least two instances where some militiamen are protesting and some would say threatening violence. In both cases the actual persons convicted of wrong doing say they have not asked for help from the militia. But that’s all a subject I could go into later. It just seems to me that militias want one rule for themselves and one for the rest of us. I would just rather deal with the recognized government — well unless things got so bad we all had to take up arms and start over again like in 1776. But this is 2016, and now I’m going off on a tangent and will quit for now while I am behind…


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