Polling accuracy, its effect on opinion; putting ourselves out of work

It is difficult to impossible to know if the polls are accurate, but it seems that Donald Trump as president could be a possibility, although at this time it still seems like Hillary Clinton to me.

And curiously, I read that amid a major economic slide around the world, the United States is an island of stability with 5 percent unemployment (nationwide; albeit in reality this may be a misleading figure from the arcane method used to measure the jobs status).

But at the same time, a lack of jobs and a lack of stable employment seems to be part of what is causing upheaval in our politics, demonstrated in part by someone like Trump confounding the Republican establishment and everyone else who has some amount of reasoning power and background since yesterday in national and world affairs and some sense of history.

And I also just read a piece that says that the problem is not so much a lack of jobs as a lack of qualified people to hold those jobs. Jobs more and more are requiring technical knowledge and ability.

I guess those super-high paying jobs that often required some brawn and an ability and willingness to do nearly mindless or mind-numbing labor for eight hours a day are fast disappearing and will be all but totally gone in a decade or less.

From personal experience, though, I can tell you that simply going to college will not always do the trick. I’m a college-educated big truck driver. Now of course one’s own personal circumstances cause all kinds of things to happen. I can’t complain. Truck driving turned out to be a life saver for me, as much as I have despaired of it over the years.

In fact, at the height of the recent Great Recession while so many lost their jobs, I was steadily employed and, ironically, made my best wages during that the time — go figure.

Now I’m working supposedly part-time, having retired, but in reality I am working nearly as much as when I was full-time.

But I will not live forever and it is just as well. Because in the not-to-distant future (I’d say within a decade if not sooner) my job will actually be done away with. Just like driverless cars are here (if still on an experimental basis) so are driverless trucks. Not sure how that will work — seems unthinkable — but it will come to be I am sure and probably much sooner than later.

And the same thing is happening in all levels of work; even those so-called thinking jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence.

All of this is causing major turmoil. When things are good, everyone gets along fairly well (okay I’m generalizing here), but when our futures are in doubt we begin fighting like caged rats.

And about all this automation. Even though I am writing this on my tablet and can post it instantly for all the world to see, and I don’t even have to work for a newspaper, like I used to do, by the way, to get it published, I wonder why we are rushing to put ourselves out of work.

What is it we are supposed to do then? And without having to earn or otherwise garner money, how do we decide who gets what?


I meant to comment about polling. I wonder how accurate polls can be. We will see. But it seems to me the only ones that have a chance at being accurate are ones taken among actual voters, who are a minority in this nation. It may be true that even they are affected by overall opinion among the masses. There is the factor that polls themselves push people to think in one direction. Like, gee if everyone else thinks that way, maybe I should. However, I am not going to vote for Trump.


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