Cruz insults New Yorkers, what was he thinking?

So my question is, that is my puzzlement is, why would Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, so high in the polls, want to alienate New York voters or anyone who might identify with them? I mean a vote is a vote, and in a close election every vote counts — and as a candidate why would you care if someone with “New York values” voted for you?

In a debate this past week Cruz accused his major rival, Donald Trump, a New Yorker, of having those “New York values” — bad.

But Cruz went on to clarify that he was not accusing all inhabitants of New York, presumably both city and state, of having bad values, rather he claimed people know what one means when one says “New York values”.

And those despicable values, as stated by Cruz are being: “socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage, focus around money or the media.”

So let me get this straight. It is bad to be socially liberal. Well what is socially liberal? I mean is it being accepting of the fact that others may be of a different color than you or a different ethnicity or of a different religion (and of course Cruz and his ilk feel that their brand of fundamentalist Christianity is the only acceptable brand), or that others may have different opinions? And pro-abortion. Well does he mean that women are nothing more than baby machines? Abortion is a subject I stay away from mostly because it seems just so personal. But I think that the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade basically decided that the issue of what a woman (in consultation with her doctor) does with her own body is something just so personal that the government has no right to intrude. Does the government intrude when a man has a vasectomy? Yes, abortion may seem repugnant, and there is room for moral debate, but is it not the conservatives who argue that government should not intrude on people’s personal lives?

And gay marriage. Well, modern society has come to realize or accept that some people are born homosexual (gay being the more preferred term nowadays). Even ultra-conservatives looked around and realized members of their own families were gay, whoops. So even if many people don’t feel comfortable with homosexuality they realize it is a fact of life, and once that is realized and admitted, one can hardly deny civil rights to gays.

Focus around the media and money. I don’t know what that is all about.

I do know that the term “media”, which strictly speaking is the plural of medium, referring basically to a method of presenting news and entertainment, has become a pejorative over the past several decades, usually meaning “liberals”, which also has become a pejorative as far as the Clear Channel Radio, Rush Limburger Cheese crowd is concerned.

But in all of this, I have admired Ted Cruz’s debating and speaking abilities, but I am perplexed why he would make such a gaffe in such an important debate, just before primary season gets under way. We all make mistakes. This is going to cost him I think.


Thanks to Trump he is already on the defensive in the birther issue, having been born in Canada (his mother was an American citizen). Some think this disqualifies him to be president. There appears to be no clear, on-point case law in this, and constitutional interpretations among scholars differ. A lawsuit has been filed, I understand, but am not sure any court will take it or what court would have jurisdiction, or if even the Supreme Court would touch it.







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