Palin fooled me, was it the wine?

It’s only fitting that Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. I just double checked myself on the meaning of the word “crass” and both of them fit that description well.

It’s not an excuse, but a fact: I was recovering from chemotherapy when I first saw Palin (on TV, not in person). She was delivering an acceptance speech as Sen. John McCain’s VP pick for his presidential campaign. I had never heard of her (and now I wish I never had). I was fooled. Was it the euphoria of realizing that I was not a cancer victim (yet)? Was it the wine? I was at a nice resort-like motel on the Pacific Coast. No it was just that she gave the rather standard Republican-talking-points speech, as a I recall, but she was a woman. I thought that was a master stroke by McCain. While the Democrats were running the first black for president, he counters with a woman as VP and who knows? maybe through some eventuality or contingency a woman president.

I would soon realize what a shallow person she really is. What an opportunist. Couldn’t even serve a full term as governor of Alaska and then hits the money-media thing and becomes a kind of right-wing, Tea Party, gadfly, celebrity, sex symbol (???), constantly displaying her ignorance of political history, national and world history, and geography. But the audience she appeals to cares not about all that — that’s for intellectuals (egg heads) and silly people who can see the complexities of any issue. Simple (never mind facts and inconvenient details) is always better.

It does, though, seem somewhat a coup for Trump. Palin passed up the more conventional extremist Ted Cruz and went for the weird so-called conservative who has a history of espousing liberal and  conservative notions and just about anything to get attention.

But the current trend in the anti-establishment crowd in the GOP is to go for the authoritarian, even if he mixes elements of liberalism and conservatism and nationalism — kind of like “national socialism” of Hitler’s time.

That is why I see Trump as resembling Adolf Hitler.

I think Trump is best described as a fascist. But that is a term not well known these days. And I am certainly no authority on it. But if you have questions, do some research and see what you think.



So now a day or two later after posting this, I want to add this line out of a New York Times article:

Fascism is notoriously hard to define, in no small part because it is a belief system that rejects the value of reason.


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