Looks more like Hillary the progressive could win, but Bernie looks to the revolution…

I want to write more later when I have time, but my initial reaction to the MSNBC Democratic Party debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is that Mrs. Clinton came off as a more realistic president.

But Sanders is serious about wanting to create a revolution (non-violent I am sure) in which citizens take a more active role in government.

I’m not sure how far you can go with that in a representative democracy and more importantly in the U.S.

And where I live socialism, and Sanders calls it  “democratic socialism” (small d), is just not popular at all, even though, granted, many people don’t understand the concept, or perhaps they do and that is the problem. They tend to see socialism as giving your hard-earned money to someone else who could have but chose not to earn it.

Mrs. Clinton is a progressive. Sanders is a socialist, the two are not always interchangeable.

I’ll give the win to Hillary, but that is more subjective, than anything else. I will say, though, she seems more believable as president, or maybe I mean electable, no I mean believable too.

Even Sanders said there is no dispute that she knows more about foreign policy.


I’ll have more in a later post, hopefully by Sunday, if not sooner.

Gotta earn money to pay the rent, you know.



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