Trump represents ignorance/defiance, Bernie one issue, Clinton bought and paid for…

Apparently a segment of the population is divorced from reality and actually thinks so-called reality TV is reality and supports Donald Trump for president. That is how one pundit I heard put it.

There are a couple of schools of thought that may actually go together or could both be true: one is that a lot of people are just ignorant or bigoted and support Trump or that he appeals to the lower educated blue-collar worker, the other is that people are just supporting Trump in polls and actual voting as a way to stick it to the so-called establishment they see as out of touch and insulated from the population as a whole. In fact I am sure it has to be both.

The crazy thing about Trump is that he lies and admits it while he is doing it and changes his positions in mid sentence.

And of course Trump gets high marks in some quarters by saying outrageous things others dare not. Well, political correctness aside, there are reasons others do not. Try honesty and civility for a couple.

But right now I am watching the rise of Rubio, Marco Rubio that is. So far I hear and see nothing but an empty suit. I know he is trying to portray himself as something like JFK, a relatively young man who has served in the congress and ready to assume leadership from the old fogies. JFK in his early 40s replaced the older General Eisenhower, who served two terms as president.

Rubio is seen as much younger and fresher than, say also-rans John McCain or Mitt Romney, and much more establishment, though, than GOP troublemaker Ted Cruz or the wild man Trump.

But whereas JFK had spent some 14 years in congress, first in the House and then the Senate, and dealt with much legislation (seems like a lot of union stuff), Rubio has only been in the U.S. Senate for a little more than five years and before that served in the Florida legislature for a few years.

JFK was a war hero, notwithstanding any actual and forever unknown facts about the particulars of the PT 109 incident. But he did serve in World War II combat.

Rubio loves to talk war, but when did he serve in uniform? Oh, that’s right, he did not.

You of course are not required, and should not be, to have served in the military to be president. But I am forever in wonderment at how warrior-like the non warriors are.

But it does seem for now that young Rubio’s star is rising and that what is left of the so-called Republican establishment see him as their best hope to fend off the monster Trump.

All the millions of fat cat dollars and mama and daddy (ex-president) Bush and big brother, the ex-president (Bush 2), could not put Jeb Bush back together again after he came completely undone under the onslaught of his tormentor Trump.

Well good riddance Mr. Bush. If you couldn’t stand up to the lying Trump, you were not cut out to be president anyway — why did you waste everyone’s time and money?

I will say as a student of the Spanish language, I did admire your abilities in that regard. You speak better Spanish than the first-generation Cuban-Canadian/American Cruz, as I understand it — I guess Rubio is fluent (and I do admire that in him — good for relations with Latin America and Spain, although, of course Rubio detests the Castro brothers — and the feeling is no doubt mutual).

And now to the Democrats.

It’s like this for me: I really am not excited about Hillary but I see her less one-issue than the occupy Wall Street Bernie. But then again, you have to admire the old war protestor of the 60s and he has forced Hillary’s hand on the wrong doings of her friends on Wall Street who love her so much that they pay her thousands of dollars (adds up to millions) at a whack ($675,000 for three speeches to Goldman Sachs alone) just to hear her speak (and to of course protect them, to the extent she can and is willing to do. I mean deep down inside I imagine Hillary’s heart is good, but she likes living large, and besides, it’s easier to effect change inside the establishment than from without).

Can Hillary beat Trump? I think so, but maybe I don’t really know America.

Can Bernie beat Hillary? He’s giving it a good shot, and if he can get those young voters out, maybe.

Can Bernie beat Trump? I really don’t know at this point. I think both Trump and Bernie might try to go for the center a little in a race against each other. I mean Trump has already admitted that he would tone things down a bit if nominated. And Bernie, though an avowed socialist, would not want to have people think he aims to dismantle our whole system, one that he had dutifully worked in for many, many years.

One problem for Trump, though, is if he tones his message down (such as it is), I doubt he has much of anything left.

And I don’t discount Mr. Rubio in all of this. He would not be the first empty suit to be elected president. I would just hope that if he were to face off against Vladimir Putin or ISIS he would not go into robotic repeat mode and sweat himself to death (the man does sweat under pressure — but so did Dick Nixon.)

And can I just say this?

None of the candidates on either side measure up to JFK or Richard Nixon (even if the latter resigned in disgrace).

Those two guys faced off against each other during my formative years in political consciousness.

I say to all the present candidates:

I knew John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, they were like friends of mine, you sirs, and mam, are no Kennedy or Nixon.







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