Not a fan of Nancy in life, but in death I miss her…

Of course obituaries usually stress the positive about people. But I was impressed after just now reading the obituary of former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died today at the age of 94.

I don’t know if I would have liked her if I had ever met her or been around her, probably not though. I was not a fan or hers for sure (for some weird reason she always reminded me of one or more of the prissy, prickly landladies of my past). But I have to give the woman her due. She was a hard worker and supported her husband, and I am sure a true patriot.

I just saw her as a condescending rich Republican with an icy smile. And then I think of Hillary Clinton, another former first lady (and now of course presidential candidate), a condescending rich Democrat with an icy smile.

You really can’t know a person by their on-screen persona, as it were.

I have to wonder what Mrs. Reagan thought of Donald Trump (sorry, you just cannot write about politics or anything remotely connected to politics these days without mentioning the Donald).

Certainly Trump does not represent the civility or wholesomeness of the Reagans or other established political figures of our times. No, Trump represents the vulgar worst in our society. Just because he from time to time brings up subjects that need airing does not offset the harm he is doing, the harm he has done.

So I do not have much more to say on all of this, just that the passing of Mrs. Reagan at such a time as this is emblematic of the old (and much better) ways going out, with the new and much worse ways taking over.

If only Republican Governor of Ohio John Kasich could have gained some traction. It seems, though, that he or no other one like him has a chance in today’s political climate.

I for one think it would be good to have a woman president. I am not sure that Hillary is the one we need, although it looks as if she may well be the one we get. And she may well do a good job and maintain some semblance of civility in an increasingly uncivil society. I don’t know.

Too bad Nancy was not younger.

I knew very little really of Mrs. Reagan.

But I miss her somehow. I miss the old ways.




One Response to Not a fan of Nancy in life, but in death I miss her…

  1. I’m in agreement. at least as far as the importance of polite behavior and civil discourse. Nancy Reagan wasn’t a deep thinker, which was compatible with her husband, but I believe she tried to be kind.

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