Trump awakens the masses, for good or evil?

I don’t know if Donald Trump is the 21st Century version of Adolf Hitler or the anti-Christ or what I might call the Great Awakener.

I’m not complimenting him (in fact I cannot stand him, and no I don’t think he “tells it like it is”). But I do think he has awakened the pent-up anger among those who just are fed up with the social upheaval where so many people no longer recognize the country as what they grew up with and do not know where they stand.

I have not seen any polls or studies, but what I am reading so far leads me to conclude that Trump has managed to bring in new voters, to the primary process anyway. While Bernie Sanders, in some ways (but not all) his polar opposite, calls for a “revolution” (albeit peaceful), Trump may really be creating a revolution. I did not say a good one, but a revolution nonetheless.

And even though Trump has not indicated any clear or logical or coherent policies for the most part, he does project power (I mean it is bravado). In times of turmoil, in times of danger, the public looks to someone powerful who has the ability and the will to take care of things. I doubt that Trump actually has that ability — but he talks big.

I was watching a video of Trump at one of his raucous rallies where there were demonstrators against him and he was scowling and yelling “get them out of here”!


You only have to watch the news videos to see for yourself that Trump encourages violence at rallies even though under questioning he claims he does not condone it. Sometimes he tries to imply that the only time any of his supporters use violence is in self-defense but then he also opines that sometimes some of his supporters are just angry and that dealing with protestors makes them snap.


His scowl and his gestures kind of made him look like Hitler with orange hair and a comb over (sin mustache).

But of course, just as people have a right to free speech, Trump as anyone else has a right to speak and not be disrupted — I mean there is a fine line here between peaceful protest and denying someone else his or her right to speak.


Of course some protestors may actually be hired or planted disrupters as Trump claims.


This sort of reminds me of Nixon’s campaign in 1972 when most of his rallies were closely-guarded, closed-door things — supporters only. Nixon, I don’t think, would have ever indicated he had a problem with people protesting him — I mean obviously he did not like it, but he would have not himself ordered people removed (he’d let someone else do it).

Trump is threatening to press charges against protestors. And I would think that if someone goes beyond peaceful protest, that someone might well be subject to prosecution, although prosecuting protestors in a free society with freedom of speech is not good policy, except maybe in extreme circumstances.

In a previous post I somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggested that maybe allowing everyone to vote, even the ignorant, was not such a good idea. But I do think that if we can awaken the populace and remind it (and there is no one it of course) then maybe people will see that they really do have power.

Wouldn’t it be ironic — if a bit scary — if Sanders’ call for a revolution was not heeded as much by those supporting his agenda, but the Trump-driven masses protesting change? Well I am not sure if you can say exactly what they are protesting, but change is part of it.

I will reluctantly give Trump credit for something: sparking a wider public interest in politics.


A conundrum: Trump is getting wide support among evangelical Christians even though his remaining rivals in his party (Republican) are seemingly more devout and even while Trump acts in non-Christian ways and has reportedly demonstrated publicly his ignorance of the Bible and while he appears more amenable to some social values at odds with evangelicals. So why is this? I think the evangelicals smell power and want part of it — to get on the bandwagon and get their share of that power. In addition, the few evangelicals I have come into any contact with impressed me as not having a clear grasp of current events or history outside of the good book, because, I guess, if it is not in there, or at least if they don’t see it in there, it is not worth knowing. And anyway, since those establishment candidates in the past, whom they supported, failed to return Christian prayers to public schools and prevent homosexuals from getting married, they’ve given up on that route (that very last thought came out of a column I read this morning).



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