Bringing back production to the USA the right idea

Donald Trump promises to bring capital and jobs back to the U.S., just like that. Can he do it? I don’t know how, at least not just like that. But someone needs to.

Tuesday night was another big one for Trump, among his victories was Florida, where he forced Marco Rubio out of the presidential race by denying him a victory in his home state — that has to be humiliating.

It seems pretty clear that Trump will be the Republican nominee with even the GOP establishment coming around. Trump, who has incurred the wrath of the party establishment with is crude behavior and his sometimes seemingly un-Republican line, has met with Mr. Establishment himself, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

(You know those pesky environmental regulations. Who needs them? except maybe the people of Flint, Michigan.)

But globalization is something that is just a natural progression I think. And bigger and faster ships and containerization, as well as modernization in ground and air transport have really made it happen.

As the developing world, which the U.S. helped develop, gets developed nations produce more and then have to have markets for that production. So they export stuff to us and compete with our own home-grown industries.

Trump has called for raising tariffs on incoming goods. But that was tried back in the 1920s, here and in other parts for the world. It crushed world trade and the result was the Great Depression. So clearly simply raising tariffs does not seem to be a magic formula, not to say that in some cases there is not room for raising them to a degree.


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