We seem stuck with two unlikable people at the top; the hostile populist takeover…

Hillary Clinton although still ahead in the race for delegates, thus the nomination, still can’t get the deal sewn up.

She of course is fighting the notion that she is just not trustworthy. She does have her problems what with the Clinton baggage (her and her husband) but one thing I certainly don’t understand is how someone wanting to get votes would vow to “put coal miners out of business” and then expect to get votes in coal country. Yeah, she says she misspoke, but how do you misspeak on that one? You either want to do away with coal or not — she was not talking clean coal. So she lost the West Virginia primary and faced tough questions in Kentucky and created a lot of nervousness and animosity all over coal country.

Coal might well be replaced in the future if some more competitive and desirable resource or method to produce energy becomes available and she might well want to get votes from those who favor clean alternative energy, but antagonizing people who view coal as their income can’t be helpful.

I see Bernie Sanders, who refuses to quit the race and keeps winning primaries, if still not enough delegates, has made Clinton change her tune on some things, such as her moving a little closer to the idea of single-payer health care.

But right now we have the odd situation of having two unlikable people (sorry Hillary a lot of folks don’t find you “likable enough”, as Barack Obama put, rather sarcastically) as for all intents and purposes the presumptive general election candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties.

The Democratic Party is pretty much stuck with Mrs. Clinton if for no other reason she has paid her dues (of course Bernie vows he still has a chance, albeit slim). The Republican Party has been subjected to a hostile populist takeover headed by Donald Trump. While in the past populism was usually a product of the left, this time it seems more a product of either the reactionary right or a new non-ideology movement that has things in it to scare both those on the more traditional political left and right and in between.

I think a lot of the Trump support is from heretofore uninvolved but eligible voters. The old complaint was that not enough people voted. But don’t wish for something too hard, you might get it — lots of voters but ones with a far different view of things than you.



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