Unisex facilities should solve transgender restroom concerns…

I don’t know how big a problem accommodating transgender folks in restroom usage is — really, but I have a solution: Just have all unisex restrooms. That may not always be practical, but where it is, that should work.

At the very least, build or retrofit the restrooms to allow maximum privacy.

Out in the trucking world I’m lucky to find a porta pottie (and I really hate those things — but when you have to go you have to go and are glad to have a place to go). It is true that when men have a need to urinate they have an easier time of it I guess. Even so, doing your business just anywhere anytime is frowned upon. I once noticed a trucker do just that at one of the state scales (and there was a restroom on the premises).

I do question the idea of people up and deciding that despite their born-with anatomy that they are of the other sex and thereby demanding to use that sex’s facilities.

It seems the idea of having separate facilities is two-fold: one due to anatomical and other reasons one needs things the other does not. Of course both can get by with the simple outhouse or porta pottie or if you are out in the wild, turn your back and maybe carry a shovel. But there is also the social consideration of manners and modesty.

The edict from the White House that public schools are in danger of losing their public funding if they fail to let transgender students decide which sex they are and use restrooms accordingly, in spite of their actual plumbing, that is the student’s actual plumbing, seems a bit absurd and a bit of overreach by the government.

But the idea of unisex facilities seems to me the best way, when practical, so solve the problem, if there is one.

Using the restroom indeed should be a private thing. Of course when I was in army basic training in those ancient times we had one row of toilets, open no stalls, facing each other. You could chat with each other across the room as you, well, did what you had to do.

And speaking of speaking while, you do what you do, I notice now there is a lot of cell phone chatter in the restrooms — we just can’t seem to get off those things. I swear, though, I am not one to be on the cell while answering nature’s call…


Where unisex facilities are not available or practical, well I am not sure that a transgender person using his or her preferred facility is a problem, except for the reaction of some people, maybe. The White House edict only applies to public schools. And I think the executive branch has gone too far here. Better to let local school boards decide this one. In a perfect world we all would just mind our own business and let someone do what they have to do by nature, rid themselves of bodily wastes, in private and be done with it. Also, local government does not really have to follow federal edicts if it is willing to fund itself. But with dollars comes control.



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