Once again we attempt to choose the lesser of evils; Hillary’s email thing still unclear to me even with new revelations…

Have we been here before? Choosing the lesser of evils?

Have not had time to sort things out, but with the latest news that State Department investigators have concluded that Hillary Clinton clearly broke rules on using email and handling sensitive or classified information, using a private server, and indicated that she has wrongly stated that she asked permission to use the private server (I think that is what they say), I have to wonder if Bernie Sanders might stand a chance after all. Probably not.

And why could not have Elizabeth Warren run? She probably made the smart choice and skipped this fiasco and will run next time.

From what I have read I still can’t see if Mrs. Clinton really did anything egregious or beyond what others had been doing. I have to think two things were working here: one, she does, like a lot of office holders, keep her dealings secret, and two, you have that generational divide between old-timers like her who although they (we) use all the new stuff (cell phones, computers, tablets, whatever) they (we) don’t always understand it all or realize the security risks. I mean anytime you are on the web, whether you are Mrs. Clinton, handling important information, or just an ordinary citizen, who nonetheless has info important to yourself, you are vulnerable to computer hackers who steal stuff for gain, blackmail, or just to that show they can and then maybe share it with the world.

Of course Donald Trump is making political hay with all of this. It helps take the focus of his sordid history.

We have two leading candidates who polls show a majority of the people despise. I’m not understanding that one. I am not sure the polls are accurate. I sometimes think the questions pollsters ask or the way they are asked lead to the answers. In other words I don’t know if they really indicate anything useful.

On the other hand, I do have the sense that a whole lot of people support Mrs. Clinton but do not particularly like her style or lack of it. And I think a whole lot of people don’t necessarily approve of the way Mr. Trump handles things or believe in all he says (and he just says anything that comes to mind at the moment and contradicts himself almost or actually in the same sentence) but they so dislike what they call the “establishment” that they think a vote for him is rightful revenge on the powers that be.

Like I say, I have not had time to sort it all out.


And then there is the wild notion that enough of the Bernie Sanders followers will be so upset with a Hillary nomination they will vote for Trump, thus giving him the extra votes he needs to move into the White House. One article I just skimmed reasoned that disenchanted left-wing voters in 1968 put a Republican, Nixon, in the White House. I only wish Nixon was running today. I despised him once. I might vote for him today…








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