Are you a Trump supporter? I don’t even know you! …

Ever heard this expression?

I don’t even know you!

That’s what I think when I hear someone praise or say anything admiringly about Donald Trump.

While I certainly respect free speech and everyone’s right to think whatever he or she pleases and while I consider myself open minded in politics, middle of the road, I find it alarming that anyone remotely like Trump would ever become president.

While I doubt (or hope) that Mr. Trump is anything like Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini, he certainly does follow that fascist trend.

Apparently for some reason when some people are scared or frustrated or both, when they no longer have faith in the established order, they turn to these fascist bullies. Fascism is not an ideology or a coherent collection of beliefs, it’s just a way of doing things, a movement, raw power, intimidation. Some people feel secure in it. The leader will take care of everything and all I as an individual will have to do is follow him (or her? so far it has always been a him I think) blindly no matter what (even if it takes turning on or turning in my neighbor).

I have heard the comment or speculation that Trump has no ideology. I think that appears to be true. He is trying to take advantage of the “conservative” label, but his pronouncements, which are all over the board and always lack any specifics, could be construed as conservative, reactionary, liberal, radical, and even all-American apple pie. Oh, and try to explain to your kids that they and grown ups should have good manners and not be rude and then explain why we are even considering Trump for president.

And this one really disturbs me:

“I like Trump. He speaks his mind. He says what we cannot.”

He may well say what I cannot, but that is no recommendation from me.





One Response to Are you a Trump supporter? I don’t even know you! …

  1. Phyliss Langford says:

    Who Am I ? 1st. I,m a ” too” opinionated old woman. 2nd. I,m a Christian ( a quiet Canadian Christian). 3rd. I have or am Whatsenstroms… renamed by me because the few people who are interested say ” what”?. 4th. I get angry with the doctors who only deal with their specialty. ” Don,t tell me about your pain “they say. What ? Isn,t that why I,m here ? Enough….on to Donald Trump. I,m hesitant to talk politics. 1st I,m a Canuck. 2nd l,m a dumb Canuck when it comes to politics. However l am not a follower !! If anything, I,m probably the only Canadian who thinks the Donald might have some good ideas. Too bad he is so uncouth! ( we pretend to be very proper here). My secret thoughts are…I think Trump is now in over his head…and is looking for a way out and regretting his impulsiveness and spending his money. I think your Republican Party have handled things badly. I think I shouldn’t,t be saying that . My common sense tells me to stop, I have a tendency to ramble. Thank you for responding I have only just started reading your blogs. You have much more history with the “w” word than I. I think I will come to accept it and ignore it.

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