If I had never heard Trump before I might listen…

If I had never heard of Donald Trump and had never heard all the terrible, violent, racial, sexist, and just plain awful things he says, I might have been swayed a little by a speech I heard him give Tuesday evening — and it was a real speech. Maybe not the most eloquent of speeches, but complete sentences and some actual points. Of course it was the standard campaign speech, long on promises and short or void of specifics, but he had two points I could agree with:

We need to bring jobs back to the United States by re-energizing our industry and we need to only fight wars that directly involve our self-defense. I think I have paraphrased him or described those two points of his correctly.

But there is still no way I could vote for someone who is so foul and who uses the tactics of a fascist. And I know most people younger than I don’t know much of fascism. Actually its heyday was just before my time. I’m a baby boomer, born just after WWII.

So, two good points (albeit short of specifics) don’t make a sale.

At the same time we should not just vote for Hillary because she would be the first woman president. But if for no other reason, we are faced with either voting for the only adult in the race (Hillary) or not voting at all (I said “we”; I just meant thinking people in general).

I think one skeptical-of-Hillary commentator put it best: “at least with Hillary we know what to expect”.

For sure Trump is a loose cannon, and quite frankly he shows signs of being mentally unbalanced (but as Paul Ryan might say, the GOP has to support him anyway). But when he stays away from the name calling and some of his vial language, he does make some compelling points, such as the jobs and defense policy — but anyone can say what we need to do, but can he or she bring that about?

(And I won’t even go into the “wall” thing he is obsessed with. I mean there was the Great Wall of China, the Maginot Line, the Berlin Wall. I don’t think we need the Trump Wall. Must be a legacy thing).

Oh, and one commentator, a Trump supporter I think, was slobbering all over himself to declare that with Trump’s speech last night he had finally made the “pivot” from primary election down and dirty mode to the more civil mass appealing general election mode. But can he un-ring the bell? I mean we already have seen far too much of his dangerous nonsense.

And the Trump supporters will point out about Hillary’s email problems, and about the Clinton Foundation and the appearance of donors to it getting special favors from the government via the Clinton (Hillary and Bill) connection. Good ammunition I have to concede.

And while I would usually think the political experts would know more than I, I am not sure this time. It seems to me we will either see a Barry Goldwater blow out come November and our first female president or one heck of a tight race with Americans divided on which form of evil to go with.

I also picked up talk on the radio that Trump plans to dish out some gossipy dirt on the Clintons in the coming week.

It’s shaping up to be a nasty one.

Yes, and technically Bernie Sanders is still in the Democratic nomination race with Hillary but I detected a little softening in comments from him, like he is ever-so-gently preparing his legions for his exit. Sanders has pushed Hillary left politically. Trump has just pushed the Republicans — where I don’t know, maybe into the dust bin of history — maybe into a split or creation of a new party.  As in, what ever happened to the Whigs?


I cannot imagine a debate between Hillary and the Donald. If he were to stick with his usual style, Trump would just make ugly faces and call Mrs. Clinton names. But if he stuck to actually countering her on issues of defense and economy (she has supported trade deals which many people think has meant a job exodus from the U.S. — although trade creates jobs too) and laid off the vitriol, he could be very effective (but he has to overcome what he has already done).


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