Hillary by all counts should win, but if not, it could be her elitism or poor choice of words…

Right now I think Hillary Clinton has the best chance to win in November. Donald Trump in many ways seems to be defeating himself. But then I could of course be wrong. The pro Remain (as opposed to Brexit) camp lost in Great Britain and it came as a shock, even though polls indicated a tight race.

But most people, even most thinking Republicans (and I don’t think that is an oxymoron), realize that Trump is not qualified to be leader of the free world (being a con man does not really get it). The GOP leadership is confused, though — on the one hand they want to win back the White House and are darn near willing to do it at all costs, but on the other hand, Trump scares them — as he should.

Anyone can see that Hillary Clinton is far more intelligent, far more well-rounded in world affairs, and much more open-minded, and therefore better able to deal with the multitude of differing viewpoints and demands from such a diverse populace — not to mention the world at large, which looks up to America as the beacon of freedom and hope (no matter what they sometimes say). And one does not have to like Hillary to see or admit this.

However, if Hillary were to lose, I think this quote I lifted out of an article on the Politico site might explain one of her problems. An unemployed coal miner put it like this:

“Trump says he’s for coal, and Hillary hates coal—and that’s a shame. Because, in my opinion, he’s a little nuts. She’s more qualified. But if she wants to take my job—then, no.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/06/coal-country-democrats-donald-trump-2016-213988#ixzz4CVfvyXqi

Hillary is part of the elite. And as well meaning and fair-minded as she might be, she may have lost the skill to walk in the shoes of the common folk, if she ever had it.

I mean her explanation that although she once was quoted as saying she wanted to put coal miners out of work, what she really meant was she wanted the nation to move away from dirty energy sources but at the same time ensure that workers could be retrained or transitioned into other jobs (or something like that) might not have overcome her original wording or might not seem sincere.

Easy for someone way up there to say. Ta, ta, we’ll just train you to do something else…

I provided the link to the article. The man quoted was in a Western Pennsylvania county that has a history of being solidly Democratic.

It seems that over the years the Democratic Party has seen some or much of its working class base switch to the GOP. That is not to say that the GOP is better for them, but remarks like Hillary’s or like President Obama saying  condescendingly that people in times of crisis cling to their guns and religion don’t win votes. He went on to win of course. That might be because the GOP candidate Mitt Romney alienated potential voters by implying a large segment of the population was simply looking for a government handout (I mean that might be true — but better not to say it. Every vote counts).


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