Some way-out so-called Christian pastors preaching hate…

In the morning I heard a talk show host commenting on Pope Francis’ position that the Catholic Church should apologize for its anti-homosexual (or gay) positions of the past. Well that was uplifting I guess. I mean if we are all God’s children and all…

But in the afternoon I read that some way-out-of-the-mainstream fundamentalist so-called Christian pastors, including one in Sacramento, were lamenting that the Orlando massacre gunman didn’t go far enough in killing 49 and wounding 53 at a gay nightclub.

(Much of the fundamentalist crowd these days, however, seems to be accepting homosexuals in its own way, something about hate the sin but love the sinner. And I personally am not taking a position on what is sin.)

It seems someone always wants to hate someone. It is a pity that so much of the hate in this world is done in the name of religion or God.

I think we have had more wars and killing done in the name of religion than anything else through history.

Of course these nut case deviants who profess to be Christians are just as dangerous as the most dangerous of the terrorists who claim to act in the name of Islam.

We should treat these hate mongers like one super fundamental religious sect treats those who they think have erred:

We should shun them.

And although they have a right to free speech, it seems what some pastors are quoted as saying comes close to inciting violence, and I am not sure that should be covered in protected speech.






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