Brexit crowd had no plan for after victory, what about the GOP front runner?

So here’s a funny one. Seems folks over in England made a lot of noise about wanting to get out of the European Union and be free again. They had a vote and won. Maybe they were surprised they won. Apparently there was no plan for what to do if they won. And now they don’t know what to do and at least one British member of parliament who supported the so-called “Brexit” is blaming the current prime minister, who supported remaining in the EU, for not having a plan ready to go for the exit or Brexit.

Meanwhile, world markets have been put into turmoil and as I read it some Britons are realizing that although they were told too much of their money was going to the EU, as it turns out they will actually be losing money that would come back to Britain from the EU in the form of subsidies and trading privileges with the member nations.

I don’t pretend to fully understand the issue myself. It’s complex. But what I do kind of get is that people were dissatisfied with the status quo and decided they needed a change. But they never read the fine print. It was not available and probably the leaders of the Brexit movement never did either. Maybe they were not really serious and did not think they would win the vote for Brexit. Maybe they were just making noise to stir up the populace for their own political gains against what they saw as the establishment.

Over here in the good old USA we have a similar situation with a presumptive GOP presidential  nominee who makes a lot of noise and really says nothing of great substance. Some say he never expected to win the nomination (and he has not yet officially but apparently he will). He was just promoting his own brand. It’s just a big commercial for his commercial endeavors I guess.

But just like the Brexit movers, he has no real plan either.


I have no real opinion on whether Great Britain should stay in the EU (their exit is not official at this time but it is presumed the government there will carry out the will of the majority of the voters). I would think, however, that it gets more good than bad out of its membership and if there are problems, such as concern over sovereignty and immigration, they could be worked out.

Oh, yes, I have read that a big part of the Brexit win was concern over the influx of foreigners somehow connected with EU membership. Many in the USA are concerned about the foreign menace and the slipping of white power (and I am a white guy writing this — I’m just describing things, not taking a stand on this issue here at this time).



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