Vote for the one careless with national security matters or vote for the bigot…

You know it’s bad when you have these two choices as to whom to vote for to be president:

One, someone who cavalierly disseminates national security secrets over unsecure internet channels, or two, one who acts like the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

(So you have a choice between a security risk and a real security risk.)

I mean I still am unclear as to what Democratic presidential presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton sent and received over the open internet (and most of us may never know), but the FBI Director said it was classified at the time she sent and received (even though she has claimed it was not).

But in a twist of logic, to me anyway, and to I would suppose most people, he said no reasonable prosecutor would file charges.

And Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who had a controversial private meeting with Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, has decided not to press charges against Mrs. Clinton.

Is this all political?

I think it has a lot to do with politics — on both the Democratic and Republican side.

Of course the GOP is making political hay with all this, and it would crazy not to. Of course their nominee is just crazy and dangerous.

Ironically for the safety of the nation, voters only have one clear choice this time, that is to vote for Clinton, if for no other reason than to ensure the other candidate who spews out hate, racism, and ignorance does not win. Of course one could vote for someone else to make a statement.

Mrs. Clinton is not ignorant. And she is not a racist. And she is well versed in world affairs. And she has progressive to liberal ideas on domestic issues.

Her opponent is totally ignorant of world affairs. He does not appear to have an identifiable ideology, except his tactics resemble fascism of the 1930s and 40s. And for those of you who might be unclear of what that is,  do some research (not hard to do in the internet age).

I’d like to write more on the crazy Clinton email issue, but do not have time now, but probably will over the coming day or days.



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