While some live for the after life, I prefer heaven on earth…

Apparently some people live for the after life, thinking that life here on earth is hell.

I just skimmed over an article headlined: Is the Islamic State Unstoppable?

The gist of it seemed to be that as ISIS is losing physical ground or territory it is reverting back to guerilla warfare and dispatching more suicide bombers. It seems that more and more Muslims are signing up to blow themselves up for the glory of the afterlife.

And so if people are so committed to ISIS that they are more than willing to die for it, then that makes ISIS hard to beat in the long run. I mean most people want to go to heaven but most people don’t want to die.

(I have a brother whose favorite saying is: “everybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die”.)

But to keep ahead of the game ISIS definitely can’t engage in birth control.

But this hating life on earth and so much so one is willing to blow one’s self up seems bizarre to me. But I do recall that my late wife had a co-worker who had emigrated from Central America. Her husband was a doctor by training there but could not practice here in the United States. I guess he did not have the proper credentials. I don’t know why they emigrated, but maybe because of the violence in their homeland. But anyway, she was deeply religious and gave my wife a Bible. I don’t think she was Catholic as so many people in her homeland are. The Bible was, as I recall, one of those written in more modern English — easier to understand. But all that is not the point. The point is that she told my wife that hell is life on earth.

I’m not a church goer myself, not that I don’t believe is some higher power (some might refer to as “God”). I have three siblings, only one of which is a church goer. Well, maybe I have to amend that. Another does attend a kind of church, but it is not the standard kind. They are not tied to religious dogma, they just believe in peace and doing right by other people (of course the more holy will condemn them to hell for that).

As for me, for the time being I am content here on earth. I mean, my heaven is right here on the terra firma. And that is not to say that at times life has been like a hell of sorts.

I think it is too bad that so many people find life on earth so bad that they have to long for the afterlife.

And I think it too bad that people believe so strongly in religious dogma (and I am talking multiple religions — Christianity, Islam, Judaism, ect.) that they have to look down upon those who do not share their brand of faith and in some cases hate those who do not belong to their group.

I know this is not always the case. But too much of the time it is.

Could not we all just enjoy what we have here on earth and not be so selfish with each other?

Most religions preach brotherly love. But too often they don’t practice it.


Religion certainly can play a positive role in life here on earth. It can bind people together. It can help set a foundation for stability of community. It can provide the principles and moral codes to guide us all through life in a peaceful and harmonious way. And it can provide charity for those in need. And religion also provides a social outlet for people.

But it also can have the negative aspect of sewing seeds of mistrust and hate.

And some misuse religion. ISIS being one group, but not the only one that does.

There are many hucksters on the airwaves who make their living by commercializing religion. And they don’t believe or practice anything they preach. Money is the almighty to them.

My mother and father were definitely not religious. And yet I never saw them do wrong. They were hard working and humble. They were not selfish. They believed in doing right by others. And they had deep appreciation for what some people refer to as God’s good earth. They did not need religion to guide them. But some do.

(And maybe even the non-believers draw their moral codes from ones set way back in history by religious figures, I realize.)

And by the way, if there really is a God whose image we were made from and there really is a heaven, I am in trouble when I arrive at the gates.




One Response to While some live for the after life, I prefer heaven on earth…

  1. Peter says:

    Well stated.

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