Terrorists want to keep us off balance and squander our resources, but we must fight back…

Is there a master plan for all of these terrorist attacks? Or is it just random?

It would seem kind of both. The Islamic State (and perhaps other Islamic terror groups) master mind some attacks while they promote so-called lone wolf attacks.

At last word, at least 84 people were killed after a delivery truck was deliberately driven into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in France in the city of Nice. This is the third major attack France has suffered in 19 months. But of course the terror is not limited to France. We in the U.S. have suffered both direct attacks at the hands of Islamic terrorists (9/11), as well as perhaps lone wolf attacks (such as Ft. Hood and San Bernardino).

It would seem the plan would be to keep the rest of the world off balance, not knowing when and where the next attack will be.

Also, the plan seems to be to goad the Western democracies, especially the USA, into throwing resources into military strikes and getting bogged down in no-win wars, in which the U.S., the only super power, comes off looking like the bully. We go in to fight terrorists and even to free native populations (in the Middle East) from enslavement by them, only to find ourselves mixed up in the middle of civil or inter-tribal wars.

It is in the interest of the United States to combat the forces of terror but it is hard to know the best way to do it. No I don’t know but I have some thoughts:

We need to determine how the terror is financed and go after the financial sources.

I hate to say it, but Donald Trump was on to something when he suggested going after the oil fields which ISIS controls — I’m not sure in which way though. I mean I don’t think it makes much sense to bomb oil fields, but we might send in forces to secure and protect them (NATO job?).

Also, where we know ISIS is physically concentrated perhaps we need to send forces in there. While it is not our business to run other nations, it is our business to deny ISIS or other terrorist groups a secure staging area.

These efforts could be carried out by NATO, but the U.S. needs to be in the lead. Way back when President Obama tried the lead from behind strategy in Libya, letting France and other NATO forces do most of the work, I thought that was clever — but we all know how that turned out, not in our interest. Libya is a mess.

Normally I would think that what goes on in other nations internally is not our business, but when the instability in them affects us here at home or even our ability to travel freely in the Western world and elsewhere, it is our business.

But of course the Islamic terror organizations want us to be tied up in knots and bogged down militarily fighting native populations. It taxes our resources, causes social divisions here at home and is great propaganda against us world wide.

No easy answers here. That is why it is so crucial that we get strong leadership. But on the one had we have Hillary Clinton who talks tough but whose record on foreign policy to me seems somewhat meager (I mean she was one of the architects of our current mess), and on the other hand we have the buffoon and world ignorant Trump (yeah, I said he was right on one thing, but if you say everything and anything you are apt to be correct once in a while).

If ever the United States needed to be exceptional, it is now.

Please deliver us the leadership we need.



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