New Miami shooting points to urgent need for change of police protocol…

As is often or always the case, the facts seem sketchy or not complete, even though there is a video. The video does not catch all the action, does not tell the full story. But another black man shot by police, an unarmed black man. He claims he is a therapist at a group home and was trying to help a patient when the police arrived upon the scene. He claims he lay on the ground at the order of police and was shot. He claims he asked the officer why. The answer, he claims, was: “I don’t know.”

This all reportedly happened in North Miami, Fla. on Monday. I don’t know if any of this is accurate, except apparently an unarmed black man was shot by police. He survived.

I’m thinking the race is not as important as is the nagging question of why police only seem to have the firearm to resort to when in doubt.

Of course as the result of the recent attacks on police, they might be in a more defensive posture, but this has been going on long before those attacks.

If I were to be stopped by the police now (and I am not black) I think I might be a little scared. I might move the wrong way and they would fire away in self defense.

There needs to be an immediate review of protocol in the way police handle stops and calls to disturbances.

On the one hand, in view of the recent shootings in which police were drawn in an ambushed, police need to be on the defensive. But that cannot be used as an excuse to fire away at innocent civilians.

The police themselves will not be safe if they let the trust with the public erode.

So, in summary, I am 100 percent for the police, but I think it is their best interest to review current policies.


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