Trump part con man, part populist, part patriot…

I nearly got caught up in the spell listening to what I guess was the last part of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention to be the GOP’s candidate for president — he was promising to make us great and safe and to cure-all the ills that might afflict us.

Almost felt like yelling Sieg Heil!

To accomplish all he promised and how he promised — like doing it overnight, like making the trains run on time, or I should say fix the problems with the TSA at the airports (he really mentioned the TSA), he’d have to be a dictator.

I was confused to hear the public broadcasting people (who I generally admire) opine that what he set forth was not positive — but of course I only heard part of the speech. But why would you describe everything as positive if you think things are wrong and they need fixing — and if you promise to fix them, isn’t that positive?

But I am not defending Trump, but he sure has hit a nerve and says things (some things) I agree with, like we should be producing things in the U.S. and retaining good paying jobs.

Both the Republicans and Democrats in high places have pushed for free trade which has brought our wages down. I personally think we ought to retain good wages and compete world wide on quality. I know we need trade but I don’t think we have to or should give up a higher standard of living for it. I think we can have both robust trade and good wages — I just have to believe that.

I won’t go over point by point (for one reason I did not hear it all), but I notice that Trump is not tied to ideology — he plays both ends against the middle. He is part con man, part populist, and probably part patriot — I’m sure he must love America — it’s been very good to him.

Let’s see what Hillary Clinton offers next week.


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