A positive spin and big turnout in November could save us from jackboots…

Really have not had a chance to digest things, but at first blush the Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine ticket is a lot less problematic and certainly a lot less scary than the Donald Trump/Mike Pence ticket.

Trump does not get any easier to like. In fact he is downright scary and some might even say he seems a bit unhinged — and isn’t he stuck on himself?

Just saw Hillary’s VP pick, Virginia Sen. Kaine, and he seems pleasant and open to more than just Anglo-Saxon type white people (of which I guess I am). At his debut as Hillary’s VP candidate, Kaine demonstrated his fluency in Spanish, which he said he learned while working for his father in Honduras. I have seen Spanish used in the past by candidates and it kind of depends upon the venue and context. Kaine used both pure Spanish and some mixture of Spanish and English and of course straight English — the mixture part was obviously so people would not feel left out. He was in Florida with its large Spanish-speaking population. Foreign language ability is always good, and it would not hurt to talk to the Hispanic population here and in our neighboring Latin America instead of making callous accusations and name calling. Oh, and Kaine demonstrated he can speak fluent Spanish.

As for Indiana Gov. Pence, just the fact that he would even run with someone like Trump makes him suspect in my book.

While there certainly are frustrating problems the so-called elite from both major parties have not seemed to have addressed, the angry approach, the bull-in-a-china-shop approach, the my-way-or-the highway approach, and the declaration that he (Trump) is the only one who can solve our problems and make us safe, I think spells trouble.

While I am not the type who always wants to stress the positive, I think if Clinton and her fellow Democrats stress it, and bolster it with reasonable measures aimed at bringing peace and prosperity to all (not just an old white class afraid of losing its majority status — and don’t get me wrong, I know the feeling) and if there is a large turnout come November, Clinton will win.

But if too many Democrats and other voters disenchanted with the choice they are offered stay home, Trump will win and then who knows?

If it looks and sounds like a fascist future where you don’t ask questions but just salute, then it might well be.

Yeah, it could happen here folks.

When I heard chants of “USA, USA, USA”, and “Lock Her Up”, all I could think of was mob mentality, and I thought I heard the trump, trump, trump of jackboots.



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