Bernie calms down revolt; Trump-Putin reminds me of Hitler-Stalin…

Even though it looked like early on that the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia was in chaos with a revolt by Bernie Sanders supporters fired up by the revelation of hacked emails that demonstrated the Democratic establishment pushed for Hillary Clinton and tried to find dirt on Bernie Sanders, Sanders gave what I thought was a good speech Monday night that seemed to calm things down — I don’t really know, being as I am not there, just listened on radio.

Bernie’s people did manage to chase Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz out of the picture — she is resigning and decided not to even preside over the convention after getting booed out of the place. I know next to nothing about her, so I am neither for nor against her.

But as far as I can see at this time (Monday night as I write this hurriedly because I have real work and have to get to sleep) Hillary Clinton should come out of this with fairly solid support.

But I did hear a young Sanders supporter who seemed level headed and realistic, who expressed major disappointment after all the effort he and his fellow campaign workers had put in in order to get someone who would buck the establishment.

But like Sanders said in his speech: “No one is more disappointed than I am,” but he reiterated his full support for Clinton.

The young Sanders supporter said he had not made up his mind on voting yet but that he would  be watching Hillary to see if she would follow reforms Bernie called for.

And just one other thing. It occurred to me today that it is interesting that Donald Trump seems to have a “bromance” with Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator. I recall that Hitler made a pact with Stalin of Russia, which he of course broke.

That’s all for now…


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